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Rosie is on migration, watch for her return in late February or early March 2021.  Richmond is still in the area and may visit the nest from time to time.
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F I S H    C O U N T I N G   M A T R I X

18-03-0609:02JacksmeltRichmondLogged by MidiTB
18-03-0610:29Surf PerchRichmondPossibly Barred SurfperchLogged by MidiTB
18-03-0709:21JacksmeltRichmondLogged by MidiTB
18-03-0807:52JacksmeltRichmondLogged by MidiTB
18-03-0810:07Bass-StripedRichmondLogged by MidiTB
18-03-0813:07Surf PerchRichmondMaybe Black PerchLogged by MidiTB
18-03-0816:44Bass-StripedRichmondLogged by MidiTB
18-03-0908:59UnknownRichmondProbably JacksmeltLogged by MidiTB
18-03-0913:25Surf PerchRichmondLogged by MidiTB
18-03-1008:54JacksmeltRichmondLogged by MidiTB
18-03-1010:04JacksmeltRichmondBrought intact to nestLogged by MidiTB
18-03-1012:25JacksmeltRichmondParticularly large. Took it to sheave "nest" to eat.Logged by MidiTB
18-03-1014:06JacksmeltRichmondLogged by MidiTB
18-03-1110:32JacksmeltRichmondSomehow caught it in dense fog, only gone 2 min!Logged by MidiTB
18-03-1114:37JacksmeltRichmondLogged by MidiTB
18-03-1115:38JacksmeltRichmondLogged by MidiTB
18-03-1116:36Surf PerchRosieLogged by MidiTB
18-03-1208:54JacksmeltRichmondLogged by MidiTB
18-03-1211:53JacksmeltRichmondLogged by MidiTB
18-03-1213:01JacksmeltRichmondLogged by MidiTB
18-03-1215:43JacksmeltRichmondLogged by MidiTB
18-03-1313:28JacksmeltRichmondLogged by MidiTB
18-03-1409:37JacksmeltRichmondLogged by MidiTB
18-03-1414:24OtherRichmondFlatfish-Not Starry Flounder or CA Halibut due to lack of bands, tail shapeLogged by MidiTB
18-03-1415:27JacksmeltRichmondLogged by MidiTB
18-03-1512:46Bass-StripedRichmondLogged by MidiTB
18-03-1610:06JacksmeltRichmondBrought to nest intact. Transfer with some difficultyLogged by MidiTB
18-03-1613:29JacksmeltRichmondLogged by MidiTB
18-03-1709:10JacksmeltRichmondLogged by MidiTB
18-03-2818:14Plainfin MidshipmanRichmondLikely Plainfin Midshipman. Not on our list, but very interestingTony\TB
18-03-2911:39OtherRichmondRemnant mantle of likely sub-adult gull brought to nest as lining material by RichmondCindyCM
18-04-0317:45JacksmeltRichmondTook to nest, Rosie not interestedKatTB
18-04-0416:54JacksmeltRichmondBrought to nest @17:03 to warn off interloper. Returned to crane w/fish. Exchange @17:15KatTB
18-04-0510:41Starry FlounderRichmondProminent bands in fins. Richmond ate entire fish.SailMonkeyTB
18-04-0511:15Starry FlounderRichmondCM
18-04-0717:18JacksmeltRosieAte entire fishTB
18-04-0718:36JacksmeltRichmondBrought small remnant to Rosie on nestTB
18-04-0810:33OtherRichmondLack of prominent bands in fins, thus not Starry Flounder. Possibly indentations in tailfin for CA HalibutKatTB
18-04-0913:14OtherRichmondFlatfish-May have indentations in tailfin of CA HalibutKatTB
18-04-1015:34JacksmeltRichmondtraded fish back and forth after each Osprey fed on itCM
18-04-1016:40UnknownRichmondCould be Striped Bass or JacksmeltJanATB
18-04-1516:03JacksmeltRichmondOnly very end piece. Deeply forked tailfin like Jacksmelt, no stripesTB
18-04-1615:47JacksmeltRichmondProbably Jacksmelt. Ate entire fishSailMonkeyTB
18-04-1617:14UnknownRosieRosie flew in from Marina Bay direction with fishTB
18-04-1717:01UnknownRichmondLong view, no IDTB
18-04-1718:12Starry FlounderRichmondBrought to cable, then to nestSailMonkeyTB
18-04-1819:04JacksmeltRichmondAte entire fishCrowTB
18-04-1909:02UnknownRichmondNo bands in fins, thus not Starry FlounderMidiTB
18-04-2815:36Bass-StripedRichmondRichie gave headless Striper to Rosie at 1535, she took it to the strut to eat and brought it back at 1620JudiCM
18-04-2910:38Bass-StripedRichmond brought to nest sans face and taken away by Rosie 1038JanAcraigor
18-04-2913:49Bass-StripedRosieto boom, brought to nest and ID'd 1420--richmond would rather stay on the eggs!Katcraigor
18-04-2918:07UnknownRichmondspotted on boom, fish mostly gone, unable to IDKatcraigor
18-04-3014:23Bass-StripedRosieHefty Striper caught by Rosie and taken to the strut; shared back and forth b/w Rosie n Richmond rest of afternoonCindycraigor
18-05-0108:54Bass-StripedRichmondbrought to boom by Richmond 0854, then to nest for ID at 0942Katcraigor
18-05-0117:30Bass-StripedRosieBrought to nest by Rosie at 1730, taken away by RichmondJudicraigor
18-05-0208:01JacksmeltRichmondRichmond brought whole fish to nest for Rosie who took it off cameraCindyCM
18-05-0215:24Bass-StripedRichmondSpotted flying by at 1524, brought to nest by Richmond, half-eaten, at 1628calgalcraigor
18-05-0310:49Bass-StripedRichmondBrought to cable to eat a bit, then to Rosie in the nest, who flew off with itJudiTB
18-05-0317:48Bass-StripedRichmondSpotted on cable 1748, brought to nest for ID 1809Katcraigor
18-05-0410:36Bass-StripedRichmondBrought to cable 1036, then to nest for ID 1226. From 1156 to 1206, Richmond was spotted chasing off an intruder while still carrying the fish. Fish taken away by Rosie 1237. Back to nest again at 1317, 1417, and 1456!SailMonkeycraigor
18-05-0518:02Bass-StripedRosieRosie spotted on ROV cable with fish via ATN 1802 fish brought to nest 1817 then taken to boom by Richmond 1828DianneAcraigor
18-05-0520:13UnknownRichmondpartial fish (but bigger than remnant seen earlier). Not ID'ed to speciescalgalCM
18-05-0607:16OtherRichmondremnant of a bird carcass brought as nest lining material at 716am by RichmondCindycraigor
18-05-0609:49Bass-StripedRichmondfish was already headless and bloody upon arrivalSailMonkeycraigor
18-05-0617:09JacksmeltRosieback end of fish only, initially obscured by delivery, observers split on ID, CIndy says Jacksmelt Katcraigor
18-05-0617:50Bass-StripedRichmondwhole fish brought to boom by RichmondJ.craigor
18-05-0709:23Bass-StripedRichmondBrought to nest by Richmond and taken away by Rosie to her strut perchKatcraigor
18-05-0719:03JacksmeltRichmondbrought to nest by Richmond and taken away by Rosie very quicklyMidicraigor
18-05-0820:10UnknownRichmondBrought to boom 2010 per ATN. Species ID unknown. Brought to nest briefly 2039 (to entice Rosie from the eggs?) Rosie took one bite, then Richie left again with the fish. Judicraigor
18-05-0914:32Bass-StripedRichmondPhotographed on boom cable by DianneA on-site 1432. Brought to nest 1529. Baby's first feeding!DianneAcraigor
18-05-0917:09Bass-StripedRichmondRear half only brought to nest by Richmond. Possible this is the same as the earlier fish, but it's a pretty big piece.Laura Henrycraigor
18-05-0919:37Man Made ObjectsRichmondTan scrap of cloth, darkened as if wet or oily. Later ID'd as a detached section of pants leg. Removed from nest by a raven on 11/22 at 1344.Judicraigor
18-05-1008:14Bass-StripedRichmondHeadless Striper brought to nest by Richie. Both parents present as Rosie began to feed 1st chickGailMacCM
18-05-1014:28Bass-StripedRichmondRichmond spotted on boom with fish, fish brought to nest 1431Katcraigor
18-05-1018:29Bass-StripedRichmondbrought to nest to feed the now TWO chicks and Rosie waiting for itKatcraigor
18-05-1107:19Bass-StripedRichmondSpotted on boom cable 0719 nest arrival 0735; Rosie n chicks had it until 0830 when Richie repo'd itthoracraigor
18-05-1115:42Bass-StripedRichmondBrought to nest by Richmond. Large striper with no face. Taken away by RIchie, then back to nest 1703, to feed the family.GailMaccraigor
18-05-1118:27JacksmeltRichmondPartially eaten coming to nest. Rosie fed nestlings, self. Finished fish before before brooding.SailMonkeyTB/craigor
18-05-1208:18Bass-StripedRichmondBrought to nest mostly intact, taken away, then back to nest, last remnant taken away by Richmond at 1149DianneAcraigor
18-05-1215:41JacksmeltRichmondBrought to nest about ten minutes before third chick hatchedjudicraigor
18-05-1306:35JacksmeltRichmondSpotted on cable via ATN 0635, brought to nest 0637. Three chicks fed, fish taken away by RIchmond about 0650. Robincraigor
18-05-1307:43JacksmeltRichmondBrought to nest, headless. Seems to be, already, the 2nd jacksmelt of the day. Taken away by RIchmond 0819 back to nest 0848GailMaccraigor
18-05-1311:12Bass-StripedRichmondRichie brought whole Striper to the nest. Stayed while Rosie fed the kids (mostly). Then repo'd.1/2 striper returned to nest @ 1247KatCM
18-05-1316:13Bass-StripedRichmondAnother whole striper brought to the nest by Richmond, who immediately took it away to the boom cable. Back to nest, headless, 1632, for big family feed. Back 1745 (no takers) and again 1812 for another snack for chicksKatcraigor
18-05-1406:16Bass-StripedRichmondbrought to nest whole at 0616 taken away by richmond--for head removal? back to nest at 0636 then quickly removed again to boom cable at 0638. Back to nest, headless, breakfast for all at 0705.thoracraigor
18-05-1411:19Bass-StripedRichmondnearly intact on arrival at nest. head removed at nest. chicks fed, richie away with fish at 1130calgalcraigor
18-05-1415:49Bass-StripedRichmondArrival at nest 1549, mostly intact large striper. Rosie and the kids eat. Taken away to cable by Richmond, then back to nest for more family feeding at 1702Loricraigor
18-05-1419:03JacksmeltRichmondBrought to nest nearly intact, delivery interrupted by intruder, Mom feeds kids from remains of previous fish, new fish left on nest while RIchmond runs off the unwelcome guest. Still on the nest at 1958, when Rosie gets up to feed the chicks.JanAcraigor
18-05-1506:28Bass-StripedRichmondBrought to nest intact, then taken away immediately to boom cable. Brought back to nest sans head 0645. Everyone fed, fish removed by Richmond at 0654. Richmond brings back tail end at 0747radchickcraigor
18-05-1513:43Bass-StripedRichmondStriped bass brought to nest, taken away immediately, then brought back headless 1351, another richie-feeds-rosie moment at 1404 chicks being fed at 1408 fish leaves, returns 1516 richie feeds rosie again 1517 fish left on nest chicks feeding again at 1550Katcraigor
18-05-1516:52Bass-StripedRichmondBrought to nest 1652 very bloody, head partly eaten Chicks feeding at 1752 and 1844 remnant taken away by Richmond 1915 chicks feeding again 1933 just the tail end left at 1938Judicraigor
18-05-1519:39Man Made ObjectsRichmondRed plastic caution tape-type streamer brought to nest. Removed by Rosie ca 1356 on May 16GailMaccraigor
18-05-1607:01Bass-StripedRichmondBrought to nest 0701 nearly whole, Richmond removes face while on the nest then Rosie commences feeding. Fish removed 0740, back at 0805. Chicks feeding at 0830 FIsh taken away again, then returned to nest ca 0935 for feedingGailMaccraigor
18-05-1613:35Bass-StripedRichmonddelivered to nest ca 1335, looks split open but head still on. Taken away, then returned to nest about 1448 for feeding, chicks fed again 1556. JanAcraigor
18-05-1616:37Bass-StripedRichmondHead removed, but otherwise complete, this must be a new one left at the nest 1637. Feeding chicks at 1716, again at 1800.JanAcraigor
18-05-1619:22Bass-StripedRichmondStriper with no face brought to nest. Feeding ensues. Richmond leaves with fish 1934. Back to nest by 2025, chicks fed. Tail end brought back (or uncovered) 0556 on 05-17, the next morning. Richmond feeds Rosie again 0559, chicks also fed.DianneAcraigor
18-05-1708:41Bass-StripedRichmondBig headless striper brought to nest. Rosie feeds the chicks. Fish stays on the nest for periodic feedings and adult snacks through the morning and early afternoon. Remaining end finally taken away by Richmond 1408 ... then brought back 1444GailMaccraigor
18-05-1716:43Bass-StripedRichmondFresh intact striper brought to nest for just a moment, then taken away to boom cable. Back to nest 1652 after partial face removal, Rosie feeds the chicks. Previous fish tail still on the nest.Katcraigor
18-05-1806:29Bass-StripedRichmondStriped bass brought to cable by RIchmond, then brought to nest, faceless, at 0636. Chicks fed, fish removed by RIchmond 0649, then apparently lost. RIchmond visible on boom cable without fish 0652.Loricraigor
18-05-1808:23Bass-StripedRichmondBrought whole to nest. Rosie feeds the chicksGailMaccraigor
18-05-1815:29Bass-StripedRichmondBrought to nest briefly ca 1529 taken away to boom cable. Back to nest 1606 with face removed, chicks are fedMoophcraigor
18-05-1907:22Bass-StripedRichmondBrought to nest nearly whole. Rosie feeds the chicks. Removed, returned to nest then taken away to the boom cable by Richmond 0751. Back to nest 0818, more family feeding.GailMaccraigor
18-05-1910:50Bass-StripedRichmondRichmond spotted on boom with fish. Brought to nest 11:03 without face.DianneAcraigor
18-05-1914:20Bass-StripedRichmondSpotted on boom cable, then brought to nest headlessKatcraigor
18-05-1915:35Man Made ObjectsUnsureRed plastic ribbon similar to the one from last week spotted on nest 1535. Removed from nest by Rosie at 1309 on May 29.Katcraigor
18-05-1917:30JacksmeltRichmondBrought to the nest intact - note yellow spot on gilljudiTB
18-05-2007:20Bass-StripedRichmondBrought to nest without face 0720Loricraigor
18-05-2013:40Bass-StripedRichmondSpotted on boom ca 1340 by WWOC chatters on-site. Brought to nest 1359.WWOC & Cathycraigor
18-05-2018:45Bass-StripedRichmondBrought whole to nest. Immediate feeding.Sue Acraigor
18-05-2107:29Bass-StripedRichmondnearly-intact striper brought to nestGailMaccraigor
18-05-2112:21JacksmeltRichmondwhole fish brought to nestKatcraigor
18-05-2118:06Bass-StripedRichmondWhole fish brought to nest, chicks fed, fish removed from nest 1829Sue Acraigor
18-05-2208:01Bass-StripedRichmondWhole large fish brought to nest. Richmond seen feeding oldest chick at 0805.GailMaccraigor
18-05-2213:05JacksmeltRichmondBrought whole to nest. ID not totally certainDianneAcraigor
18-05-2214:38UnknownRichmondunknown small fish brought briefly to nest, then eaten on cable by RichmondJanAcraigor
18-05-2216:17Bass-StripedRichmondWhole striper brought to nest 1617, then taken away to cable. Returned to nest, minus face, 1626 for dino feeding. Richmond seen feeding chicks again 1705.chagincraigor
18-05-2306:02Bass-StripedRichmondWhole fish to nest 0602, then away to cable for processing. Returned to nest, headless, at 0629. Feeding commences.J.craigor
18-05-2312:55Bass-StripedRichmondWhole fish to nest. Chicks fed to stupefaction. Fish away to boom 1323calgalcraigor
18-05-2315:20Bass-StripedRichmondFresh whole striper brought by Richmond ca 1520cyclefilmscraigor
18-05-2407:08Bass-StripedRichmondSpotted on cable 0708. Brought to nest, faceless, 0726.radchickcraigor
18-05-2412:29JacksmeltRichmondbrought whole to nest, then taken away briefly before being returned for feedingMidicraigor
18-05-2416:32Bass-StripedRichmondWhole fish to nest for immediate feeding.JanAcraigor
18-05-2418:52Bass-StripedRichmondSpotted on boom 1852 brought to nest headless 1855alicraigor
18-05-2508:12Bass-StripedRichmondBrought by nest and taken immediately to boom for processing. Faceless fish left on nest.Judicraigor
18-05-2513:05JacksmeltRichmondWhole fish to nestSue Acraigor
18-05-2515:52Bass-StripedRichmondWhole fish brought to nestalicraigor
18-05-2518:56Bass-StripedRichmondReported headless fish to nest, possibly new but not bloodyJudicraigor
18-05-2606:18JacksmeltRichmondFlopping fish dropped on nest.radchickcraigor
18-05-2608:14Bass-StripedRichmondHeadless striper nest deliverychagincraigor
18-05-2613:54JacksmeltRichmondWhole fish to nestKatcraigor
18-05-2615:37JacksmeltRichmondAnother fresh whole fish dropped off at the nestzcraigor
18-05-2617:32Bass-StripedRichmondChunky striper delivered to nestGailMaccraigor
18-05-2618:55Bass-StripedRichmondAnother whole striper delivered to nest. Rosie still has about half of the last one left. Both fish visible on the nest at 1903Katcraigor
18-05-2707:02Bass-StripedRichmondLarge whole striper dropped on the nest 0702. Chicks fed, fish removed to cable by RIchmond 0722radchickcraigor
18-05-2712:28Bass-StripedRichmondWhole striper, still fighting, dropped in the nest.Katcraigor
18-05-2716:43JacksmeltRichmondWhole fish to nest. Rosie and the chicks make short work of it. Richmond left hungry.Judicraigor
18-05-2718:21Bass-StripedRichmondHeadless striper delivery. RIchmond took his share first this time. Good thing too, because the chicks quickly devoured the rest.Judicraigor
18-05-2805:47JacksmeltRichmondBrought whole to nest before the cam went to color. Rapidly consumed. Last of tail removed by Richmond 0612radchickcraigor
18-05-2807:28Bass-StripedRichmondFish brought to nest with face partly removed. Chicks commence feeding with voracity. Richmond feeding chicks at 0754, sharing bites of tail with Rosie at 0804Midicraigor
18-05-2811:09Bass-StripedRichmondPartially defaced fish dropped at nestMidicraigor
18-05-2816:00JacksmeltRichmondAppears to be a large jacksmelt, head still on, but with the belly ripped out.JanAcraigor
18-05-2817:15JacksmeltRichmondWhole fish delivery to nest. Devoured. Tail taken away 1739 Judicraigor
18-05-2819:23Bass-StripedRichmondTo nest with head gone.JudiTB
18-05-2906:02JacksmeltRichmondBrought to boom cable fighting fiercely, then to nest nearly whole at 0605 for family feedingJ.craigor
18-05-2908:34Bass-StripedRichmondBloody striper dropped off at nest. Richmond stands by while Rosie and the kids eat.Mike D / calgalcraigor
18-05-2915:44JacksmeltRichmondWhole fish brought by nestKatcraigor
18-05-2916:50Bass-StripedRichmondWiggling striper with visible eye brought to nest. Taken away to an unknown loation, then returned at 1724Judicraigor
18-05-2920:02JacksmeltRichmondFresh jacksmelt brought to nestCrowcraigor
18-05-3007:10Plainfin MidshipmanRichmondUnusual fish brought to nest, ID'd as Plainfin Midshipman.J.craigor
18-05-3010:19Bass-StripedRichmondbrought to nest, ID'd at 1022JanAcraigor
18-05-3014:54Bass-StripedRichmondLarge striper brought whole to nest. RIchmond waits on the rail while the family feedsKatcraigor
18-05-3107:55Plainfin MidshipmanRichmondWhole fish to nest. ID uncertain. Later ID'd as another Plainfin MidshipmanC.craigor
18-05-3109:40Bass-StripedRichmondRichmond spotted on cable with large fish, removing face. To nest by 9:55. Richmond back on cable with tail end at 10:38Sue Acraigor
18-05-3113:19Bass-StripedRichmondFat headless striper brought to nestGailMaccraigor
18-05-3116:02Bass-StripedRichmondBrought from the east with head goneC.TB
18-05-3119:31JacksmeltRichmondBrought to nest with head missing. Consumed quickly (and concealed) by chicks. ID'd as Jacksmelt when RIchmond took it to the cable at 1938Midicraigor
18-05-3121:03Bass-StripedRichmondLate night fish delivery to nest. Species and condition on arrival uncertain. ID'd from shape of tail left on the nest 2130. Last of tail eaten by Rosie and the chicks 0556 the next morning, June 1.Crowcraigor
18-06-0108:08Bass-StripedRichmondRichmond on cable with large striper. Brought to nest after partial face removal 0826. Rosie and the chicks feast. Tail end taken back to cable by Richmond 0845Judicraigor
18-06-0112:07JacksmeltRichmondBrought to nest, concealed behind chicks, consumed rapidly making ID difficult. Only crumbs left by 1235. ID as Jacksmelt from retrieved videocalgalcraigor
18-06-0115:41JacksmeltRichmondWhole fish to nestKatcraigor
18-06-0117:16Bass-StripedRichmondVery large whole striper of unnaturally red hue to nestDianneAcraigor
18-06-0119:55Plainfin MidshipmanRichmondMangled bronze-toned fish delivered to nest. Possibly another Plainfin MidshipmanGailMaccraigor
18-06-0205:34JacksmeltRichmondEarly morning head-on jacksmelt dropped at nestradchickcraigor
18-06-0207:08JacksmeltRichmondHeadless jacksmelt on nest at 0708thoracraigor
18-06-0208:30JacksmeltRichmondLarge fish spotted on cable via ATN. Brought to nest 0929 showing deeply forked tail.Judicraigor
18-06-0210:46Bass-StripedRichmondgood sized headless striper brought to nestCrowcraigor
18-06-0216:40JacksmeltRichmondBrought to nest with head still on. Tentatively ID'd as jacksmeltJudicraigor
18-06-0218:09JacksmeltRichmondRichie brought fish and Rosie fed all the chicksJudiCM
18-06-0219:48JacksmeltRichmondHeadless delivery to nest. Demolished rapidly by chicks.Katcraigor
18-06-0220:48JacksmeltRichmondYes, #8 fish delivery today, so late in day as to be seen by infrared.KatCM
18-06-0308:20JacksmeltRichmondSpotted on cable 0820 by Judi. Brought to nest 08.29. GailMac ID'd as Jacksmelt, CM concurred.Judicraigor
18-06-0312:44JacksmeltRichmondRichie dropped it off, literally. Then levitated back around to see how the family like itKatCM
18-06-0316:10Bass-StripedRichmondLarge whole striper dangled by Richmond, dropped at nest, then re-lifted, dangled, and re-settled by RosieCrowcraigor
18-06-0319:42JacksmeltRichmondJacksmelt hovered onto nest, Hoovered by the chicksGailMaccraigor
18-06-0321:04JacksmeltRichmondAnother late evening fish delivered by InfraredJudiCM
18-06-0407:32Starry FlounderRichmondflat fish with striped fins brought to nestKatcraigor
18-06-0408:20Bass-StripedRichmondFresh striper to the nestJudicraigor
18-06-0410:05Bass-StripedRichmondAnother fat striper to the nestKatcraigor
18-06-0417:40Bass-StripedRichmondAnd another left at the nest. Four stripers in a row!Judicraigor
18-06-0419:57JacksmeltRichmondBig fighting jacksmelt needs kids' help to subdue.GailMaccraigor
18-06-0420:59UnknownRichmondUnknown vigorously fighting fish reportedly brought to nest, then dropped over the edge by RichmondKatcraigor
18-06-0506:24JacksmeltRichmondFuriously fighting fish landed on nest, handed off to RosieLoricraigor
18-06-0508:11Bass-StripedRichmonddropped at the nest behind the white cloudGailMaccraigor
18-06-0510:05Bass-StripedRichmondfish on ATN--Richmond chases off intruder while holding fish, brought back to nest at 10:58 without headC.craigor
18-06-0516:17Bass-StripedRichmondwhole striper to nestJudicraigor
18-06-0518:27UnknownRichmondunknown headless small fish, possible jacksmelt, eaten in "about five minutes"Judicraigor
18-06-0519:58JacksmeltRichmondslippery silvery jacksmelt left at nestJudicraigor
18-06-0521:15JacksmeltRichmondlatest fishing hour to date--Richmond on ATN brings a small fish, likely a jacksmelt, to the boom cable and (maybe) eats it all himself.Katcraigor
18-06-0607:14Bass-StripedRichmondwhole striper to nestKatcraigor
18-06-0609:29Bass-StripedRichmondstriped bass brought, view of nest obscuredMidicraigor
18-06-0614:24Bass-StripedRichmondstriper with head on brought to nestJudicraigor
18-06-0617:08Bass-StripedRichmondvery large whole striper nest deliveryKatcraigor
18-06-0706:11Bass-StripedRichmondWhole Striper to nestThoraCM
18-06-0707:50Bass-StripedRichmondRichmond spotted on ATN with hind end of striper. Initially thought to be remnant of the 0611 fish. Later Rosie and RIchmond both seen with fish on nest simultaneously (reported 0838)Judicraigor
18-06-0711:11JacksmeltRichmondRIchmond on ATN with modest jacksmeltJudicraigor
18-06-0713:22Bass-StripedRichmondRichmond spotted flying by, fish brought to nest 1319. Appears large, but obscured by "cloud" at nest.Sue Acraigor
18-06-0715:55Bass-StripedRichmondstriper with head removed to nestJudicraigor
18-06-0718:39Bass-StripedRichmondWhole striper on ATN brought to cableGailMaccraigor
18-06-0806:04JacksmeltRichmondWhole Jacksmelt straight to the nestJ.CM
18-06-0808:21Bass-StripedRichmondLarge fish. Richmond removing face on cable per ATN. ID'd upon arrival at nest 0844DianneAcraigor
18-06-0812:26Man Made ObjectsRichmondRichmond brings a bright red matador cape...possibly a lumberyard safety flag. Removed quickly by Rosie, gone by 1230Katcraigor
18-06-0813:22Bass-StripedRichmondStriper taken to boom after a brief stop at the nest. Finally delivered to the nest 1413.Katcraigor
18-06-0816:53Bass-StripedRichmondWhole fish to nestJudicraigor
18-06-0819:19Bass-StripedRichmondAnother striper to the nestcalgalcraigor
18-06-0908:12Plainfin MidshipmanRichmondAppears to be a Plainfin MidshipmanJudicraigor
18-06-0911:36JacksmeltRichmondScreened by chicks and lens fog, probably a jacksmelt. Practically gone by 1205Judicraigor
18-06-0914:09Bass-StripedRichmondHead-on striper brought to nestJudicraigor
18-06-0915:15OtherRichmondBird carcass reported on near side of nest.DianneAcraigor
18-06-0916:48JacksmeltRichmondSmall whole fish brought to nest, most likely a jacksmeltKatcraigor
18-06-0918:31Bass-StripedRichmondHeadless striper nest deliveryKatcraigor
18-06-0920:10Bass-StripedRichmondAnother striper to the nestGailMaccraigor
18-06-1007:07Bass-StripedRichmondWhole striper brought to nestGailMaccraigor
18-06-1007:44Bass-StripedRichmondAnother striper, headless this time--second one in less than an hour!GailMaccraigor
18-06-1107:41Bass-StripedRichmondFirst fish observed after a 19-hour camera outageJudicraigor
18-06-1110:29UnknownRichmondFlopping fish spotted on cable via ATN cam. Brought to nest 1043, concealed behind screen of chicks. Never clearly ID'd, reduced to crumbs by 1101.Judicraigor
18-06-1114:24Bass-StripedRichmondWhole striped bass on the nest. Chicks fed. Remainder taken up to the cable by Richmond 1455.Katcraigor
18-06-1117:52Bass-StripedRichmondSpotted on ATN, headlessJudicraigor
18-06-1119:29JacksmeltRichmondJacksmelt flown past the nest, then dropped off. Consumed by 1950J.craigor
18-06-1207:07Bass-StripedRichmondRIchmond with whole fish on cable via ATN. Fish to nest by 0730, then taken away again by Richmond.J.craigor
18-06-1208:59JacksmeltRichmondSitting on sheave with fish, chases off intruder while holding it.Judicraigor
18-06-1213:29Bass-StripedRichmondAnother striperJudicraigor
18-06-1216:30Bass-StripedRichmondAcrive fish on ATN, then brought headless to the nest, then to the rail.Judicraigor
18-06-1218:36Bass-StripedRichmondNew headless striper reportedJudicraigor
18-06-1307:15Bass-StripedRichmondATN view shows whole striper on cable. Delivered to nest, sans face, at 0731J.craigor
18-06-1310:42JacksmeltRichmondWhole flopping fish on the nest. Later ID'd as likely jacksmeltcalgalcraigor
18-06-1314:43Bass-StripedRichmondStriper with head broght to the nest, soon removed for beheading.Judicraigor
18-06-1317:15Bass-StripedRichmondStriper to the nestCrowcraigor
18-06-1317:55Man Made ObjectsRosieScrap of milled lumber with large pointed splinter-dagger brought to nest, moved by Rosie to SE corner, out of sight by 6/14. Surfaces again near SW corner of nest around the beginning of July, dagger point spotted on 7/4 above the nest rails, pointing upward.Kat & GailMaccraigor
18-06-1320:05Bass-StripedRichmondTo the nest, slightly mauled w/o headJudicraigor
18-06-1407:10Bass-StripedRichmondRichmond on the cable with a sizeable fish. To the nest by 0739.Midicraigor
18-06-1411:25Bass-StripedRichmondHeadless bloody fish to nestChriscraigor
18-06-1415:40UnknownUnsureHungry chicks feeding, looks like a big piece, circumstances of arrival uncertain.GailMaccraigor
18-06-1420:25Bass-StripedRichmondLarge plump fish brought to rail, likely striperCrowcraigor
18-06-1505:46Bass-StripedRichmondWhole fish seen arriving on cable for face removal, flopping wildly. Rosie feeding chicks on the nest by 0605radchickcraigor
18-06-1508:21Bass-StripedRichmondRichmond seen arriving at nest with partly-eaten fish. Thought at first to be a remnant, but Rosie seen subsequently feeding the chicks from her own fish while Richie stands by holding his.DianneAcraigor
18-06-1512:42Bass-StripedUnsureAnother unseen arrival, Rosie observed feeding chicks from a large portion of headless striped bass at 1242Sue Acraigor
18-06-1516:25Bass-StripedRichmondFresh fish on the nest.C.craigor
18-06-1607:05Bass-StripedRichmondRichmond defacing the fish on ATN cam. Brought to nest 0716. Tail end removed to cable by Richmond 0748J.craigor
18-06-1609:23Bass-StripedRichmondRichmond with a fresh fish on the boom cable. Brings it to the nest at 0943. Richmond feeding one of the chicks as Rosie watches from the lower cable.DianneAcraigor
18-06-1612:20Bass-StripedRichmondBrought round the nest, then taken to the boom cable before being returned to the nestcalgalcraigor
18-06-1616:06JacksmeltRichmondSmall shiny fish dropped at the nest, likely a small jacksmelt or possibe herringSue Acraigor
18-06-1618:11Bass-StripedRichmondFresh bloody fish brought in with face on. ID'd as a striper as Richmond takes it away 1835 GailMaccraigor
18-06-1706:33Bass-StripedRichmondWhole fish left at the nestJ.craigor
18-06-1707:40UnknownRichmondRichmond spotted on boom cable with unknown small flipping fish. Brought to nest by Rosie 0804. Remainder left for chicks to deal with.DianneAcraigor
18-06-1709:35UnknownUnsureRosie seen feeding chicks a fresh fish. ID and circumstances of arrival unclear.GailMaccraigor
18-06-1712:10Bass-StripedRichmondThick tough fish, hard to see but likely a striper from the eating of itJudicraigor
18-06-1716:28Bass-StripedRichmondHefty striper chunk on the nest being distributed to the kidsthoracraigor
18-06-1719:15Man Made ObjectsRichmondRichmond brings a red/pink flimsy plastic bag or sheet--a grocery store produce bag? Removed by Rosie on 6/19 at 1906.Katcraigor
18-06-1720:33Bass-StripedRichmondRIchmond on ATN with partially beheaded flopping fishJudicraigor
18-06-1805:57UnknownRichmondRichmond up on the cable on ATN munching on a fish while the chicks on the nest pick at the remains of last night's tail. Richmond to nest at 0605, remainder of his fish, if any, is tiny.radchickcraigor
18-06-1806:25Man Made ObjectsRichmondRichmond arrives at nest with a piece of hard red or pink plastic, possibly part of a container or toy. Seems to have a card or label attached. Removed from nest by Rosie on 6/19 at 1027. Label card also removed by Rosie on 6/19 at 1719.Loricraigor
18-06-1806:52Bass-StripedRichmondRIchmond on boom cable with a fish, removing face. Brought to nest 0702, left on nest for chicks to attempt self-feeding. Taken away briefly by Rosie to her strut perch, then returned 0720, Rosie feeds the chicks. Richmond back on the cable with the remainder at 0805J.craigor
18-06-1810:20Bass-StripedRichmondRIchmond up on the cable with a large striper. Brought to nest 1042chagincraigor
18-06-1813:40Bass-StripedRichmondWhole Striper delivered by Richie to Rosie and the nestlingschaginCM
18-06-1814:45Man Made ObjectsRichmondClear plastic bag--containing some sort of red condiment?--brought to nest by Richmond. Moved to eastern edge of nest. No longer visible on nest by the morning of 6/20.Katcraigor
18-06-1816:00Bass-StripedRichmondUp on the cable via ATN, another large whole fish. Brought to nest briefly 1630, then taken away again by RIchmond, then brought back to feed the chicksJudicraigor
18-06-1818:06Bass-StripedRichmondHeadless fish to nest, taken away by Rosie, back by 1812chagincraigor
18-06-1906:43JacksmeltRichmondFresh whole jacksmelt on the nestJudicraigor
18-06-1906:54Bass-StripedRichmondBrought to cable by RIchmond, then to nest 0658J.craigor
18-06-1906:58Bass-StripedRosieRosie brings another striper to the nest, moments after RIchmond brings his. Both parents feeding the kids simultaneously, kids feeding themselves too.chagincraigor
18-06-1915:01Bass-StripedRichmondWhole striper to nest, then taken away to cable before being returned 1535 for feeding. Partial fish then left on the nest for the chicks to help themselves.Judicraigor
18-06-1920:39UnknownRichmondAnother whole fish to the nest, screened by chicks. No positive ID, last of tail eaten by Rosie at 2057.Judicraigor
18-06-2008:15Plainfin MidshipmanRosieLooks like a Plainfin Midshipman on the nest, Rosie feeding the chicks.GailMaccraigor
18-06-2008:41UnknownRichmondRichmond seen on the nest with his own fish, ID uncertain. Quickly removed from nest to parts unknown. Possibly ID'd as Striper later but uncertain.DianneAcraigor
18-06-2012:34Bass-StripedRosieStriper to nest. Richmond does a flyby, looks it over, then parks on the rail as Rosie feeds the chicksGailMaccraigor
18-06-2015:21Bass-StripedRichmondWhole fish delivered to nestJ.craigor
18-06-2017:43JacksmeltRichmondTo nest, then away to cable, then back, seemingly gone by 1800Judicraigor
18-06-2018:44JacksmeltRichmondNew fish on the nest, shrouded in ... fog. Gone in ten minutes, probably another jacksmeltMidicraigor
18-06-2108:43OtherOtherNew fish spotted on nest after return from camera blackout. Plump oval body, no stripes in closeup view. Later we find out it's a Largemouth Bass from Ranch 99 market delivered by Tony\ during banding!DianneAcraigor
18-06-2115:35JacksmeltRichmondWhole fresh fish dangled over nest, then taken away by RosieC.craigor
18-06-2118:00Bass-StripedRichmondHeadless striper to the nest. Richmond feeds the chicks with growing expertise.Judicraigor
18-06-2120:25Bass-StripedRichmondWhole striped bass deliverySue Acraigor
18-06-2205:54Bass-StripedRosieRosie spotted on cable with fish hunk. May be remains of last night's, but it's a big piece. Rosie and the chicks finish it off.J.craigor
18-06-2209:11Bass-StripedRichmondFresh whole striper brought to nest. Chicks move in with enthusiasm. Richmond tears a few bites, then hands it off to Rosie, who completes the face removal on the nest.GailMaccraigor
18-06-2213:13Bass-StripedRichmondHeadless striper delivery to nestJudicraigor
18-06-2215:59Plainfin MidshipmanRichmondFaceless fish to nest. ID'd as Plainfin MidshipmanMidicraigor
18-06-2219:22JacksmeltRichmondWhole fish to the nest, then snatched away, then returnedRobincraigor
18-06-2305:56UnknownUnsureRosie spotted feeding chick from new fish, while another chick feeds itself from a scrap in the opposite corner of the nest. ID and circumstances of fish arrival uncertain.tamacraigor
18-06-2309:39Bass-StripedRichmondLarge fish brought to cable. Delivered to nest, still flopping, at 0941 chagincraigor
18-06-2312:27Bass-StripedRichmondBrought to nest by RIchmondJudicraigor
18-06-2316:24Bass-StripedRichmondWhole striper dropped off at nest for chicks to try self-feeding. Rosie arrives to help 1628.Judicraigor
18-06-2318:42Man Made ObjectsRosieA looped and knotted length of fat grey rope seen at the far edge of the nest, believed brought by Rosie.DianneAcraigor
18-06-2318:43Bass-StripedRichmondRIchmond flies in shortly after Rosie, dangling a striped bassSuzannecraigor
18-06-2319:00Man Made ObjectsRichmondRed baseball cap brought to the nest. Reportedly removed by Rosie at 0120 on 6/24Judicraigor
18-06-2407:36Bass-StripedRichmondWhole striped bass brought to the cable, then dropped by Richmond only seconds after arrival. Lost fish!craigorcraigor
18-06-2408:46JacksmeltRichmondWhole fish brought to nest. Rosie and the chicks dig in eagerly. consumed by 0900.Robincraigor
18-06-2409:21Bass-StripedRichmondFish brought to the rail, flopping. Taken away by Richmond, returned in badly used condition at 1108GailMaccraigor
18-06-2413:57Bass-StripedRichmondWhole striped bass lifted over nest, taken to rail, then taken away for a while before returning. Back to nest 1427.Robincraigor
18-06-2417:15JacksmeltRichmondRichmond spotted on cable munching on a small fish. Brought to nest 1729. Probable jacksmelt. Gone by 1742.Cindycraigor
18-06-2505:55JacksmeltRichmondWhole fish to nest. rosie feeds the chicks.calgalcraigor
18-06-2507:05Bass-StripedRichmondFish seen swooping onto cable visible on nestcam. Richmond keeps it on the cable for a while, brings it headless to the nest 0803.chagincraigor
18-06-2511:06JacksmeltRichmondNew fish to nest 1106, small and silver, likely jacksmeltMidicraigor
18-06-2514:56JacksmeltRichmondWhole jacksmelt brought by nest and dangled over chicksJudicraigor
18-06-2518:07Bass-StripedRichmondSemi-headless striper delivered to nestRobincraigor
18-06-2605:40JacksmeltRichmondFIsh on ATN, brought to nest 0548radchickcraigor
18-06-2606:24Man Made ObjectsRichmondRIchmond brings a sheet of clear plastic wrapping, bound with red and blue curling ribbon. After some weeks on the nest, plastic reported gone on 7/12 at 1535craigorcraigor
18-06-2607:42Bass-StripedRichmondRichmond on ATN cable defacing a fish. Brought to nest headless at 0821. All finished by 0900.chagincraigor
18-06-2610:21JacksmeltRichmondDangled above nest, taken away, then re-dangled and finally landedGailMaccraigor
18-06-2617:41JacksmeltRichmondSlightly mauled but largely complete fish dropped to hungry chicks at the nest. Gone by 1810.Judicraigor
18-06-2619:50Bass-StripedRichmondHeadless striper air dropped to nestRobincraigor
18-06-2705:39UnknownRichmondWhole flopping fish to rail. Defaced and brought to nest 0549. Unknown fish--fat body, olive bronze with very red flesh, prominent scale pattern but no stripes evident. Good view of fish 0614. Closeup view 0625.radchickcraigor
18-06-2708:08UnknownRichmondRichmond returns to the nest after an outing, Rosie then seen flying off and returning with a pale-fleshed fish remnant taken from the same area of the nest. Previous red-fleshed fish remnant still being worked on by chicks in the foreground.Judicraigor
18-06-2711:01Bass-StripedRichmondStriper brought past the nest, then delivered with mangled face 1124Robincraigor
18-06-2714:48Bass-StripedRichmondHead-on wiggling fish brought to nest, then lifted away to rail, returned to nest 1455.Judicraigor
18-06-2718:09JacksmeltRichmondRichmond drops off a partly-consumed jacksmelt, rapidly finished off by the nestlings.Robincraigor
18-06-2805:33JacksmeltRichmondRichmond with fish on cable, brought to nest 0538radchickcraigor
18-06-2808:07Bass-StripedRichmondRIchmond brings a striper to the nest. Feeds VV for a while, then leaves the fish on the nest.chagincraigor
18-06-2812:54Bass-StripedRichmondWhole fish to nest, pounced upon by pile of chicksRobincraigor
18-06-2815:37Bass-StripedRichmondFish flown by the nest 1538, returned sans head 1604.Midicraigor
18-06-2819:07JacksmeltRichmondWhole jacksmelt to nestJudicraigor
18-06-2820:51JacksmeltRichmondvery small fish to nest, probably another jacksmeltChriscraigor
18-06-2907:00Bass-StripedRichmondFlappy fish up on the cable, brought to the nest 0703, then removed to cable again, back to nest 0708.DianneAcraigor
18-06-2910:21Bass-StripedRichmondFish dangled then left at nest for Rosie and the nestlingsmarthacraigor
18-06-2911:22Bass-StripedRichmondAnother striper brought round the nest, then taken away. Returned to nest 1156, with pieces missingRobincraigor
18-06-2914:32Bass-StripedRichmondHeadless striper to nestJudicraigor
18-06-2918:21JacksmeltRichmondSmallish silver fish at nest, RIchmond playing tug-of-war with Victory. Richmond wins, takes fish away before anyone eats. Fish not seen again.Katcraigor
18-06-2920:48Bass-StripedRichmondRichmond swoops past with fish on ATN at 2043, just as Rosie takes off to deal with an interloper. Partially defaced fish then brought to nest 2048.Midicraigor
18-06-3005:30Bass-StripedRichmondRichmond seen leaving cable at 0522, returns eight minutes later with a flopping fish. Left on nest 0549 for self-feeding. radchickcraigor
18-06-3010:06Bass-StripedRichmondFresh striper to the nestSaMocraigor
18-06-3012:53JacksmeltRichmondRichmond arrives at nest with concealed fish, chicks unimpressed. Takes it away to cable 1255, finally brings it back 1348 to a warmer reception. Left on nest for the chicks. Judicraigor
18-06-3015:45JacksmeltRichmondSizeable flopping silvery fish left on the nest for the kids. VV tries to eat the whole thing by herself.DianneAcraigor
18-06-3018:22Bass-StripedRichmondHeadless striper to the nestchagincraigor
18-07-0109:00Plainfin MidshipmanRichmondUgly mucky fish left at nest, caught at low tide, likely a Plainfin Midshipman. Removed from/returned to the nest several times over the course of the morning and early afternoon. Remains still on the nest well into the evening.Judicraigor
18-07-0115:21Bass-StripedRichmondfresh striper left on the nest for the chicksRobincraigor
18-07-0116:35JacksmeltRichmondanother whole fresh fish left on the nest for the chicksingridcccraigor
18-07-0119:17Bass-StripedRichmondfood scrum observed 1917, clearing to reveal an apparently new beheaded fish on nest 1935Judicraigor
18-07-0206:31Bass-StripedRichmondFaceless fish brought to nest by RichmondRobincraigor
18-07-0213:27Bass-StripedRichmondBig wiggling striper left flopping all over the nest with the young onesRobincraigor
18-07-0216:32Plainfin MidshipmanRichmondRichmond feeding chicks a fish, looks like a plump Plainfin MidshipmanRobincraigor
18-07-0216:48JacksmeltRosieNow Rosie arrives with a new fish, RIchmond still feeding the chicks from the previous one. So Rosie takes the new fish away to the rail.Chriscraigor
18-07-0218:28JacksmeltRichmondNew fresh jacksmelt swung by the nest, then taken away, then returned headless 1852.Judicraigor
18-07-0220:07JacksmeltRichmondAnother whole wiggling jacksmelt dropped all over the nest for the chicks to subdue.Judicraigor
18-07-0220:36JacksmeltRichmondYet another wiggling fish brought by Richmond to the rail on ATN, Rosie and the chicks still working on the last one. Richmond seen still holding fish at 2242.calgalcraigor
18-07-0305:54JacksmeltRichmondRichmond leaves cable at 0549, returns with a fish in five minutes.Loricraigor
18-07-0306:31JacksmeltRichmondFresh jacksmelt delivered to nesttamacraigor
18-07-0310:45Bass-StripedRichmondBig striper dropped at the nest, Rosie feeds the chickstobycraigor
18-07-0313:18Bass-StripedRichmondHeadless striper deliveryJudicraigor
18-07-0318:37JacksmeltRichmondLive whole fish to the nest. Chicks snack on it, then chick VU lifts off the nest with it 1848, returns a few seconds later with no fish. Lost fish!Robincraigor
18-07-0320:24JacksmeltRichmondLively large flopping fish on the nest. Chicks attempt to subdue it, but it flops right off the nest at 2027. Second lost fish in a row.Midicraigor
18-07-0320:48JacksmeltRichmondRichmond, working overtime, delivers another jacksmelt to the nest, where Rosie keeps a tight grip on it as she feeds the chicks. Taken away by Rosie at the start of fireworks, returned to nest by Rosie 2155 after fireworks finish.GailMaccraigor
18-07-0405:47JacksmeltRichmondRIchmond drops breakfast off at the nest for the chicks. VW eats nearly the whole thing.radchickcraigor
18-07-0410:04Bass-StripedRichmondFish dropped off at nest for the chicks. VV chick monopolizing the fish. Commandeered next by VW. VU finally gets his turn about 1130, after the others have had their fill.Judicraigor
18-07-0414:43Bass-StripedRichmondWhole bloody striper to the nestRobincraigor
18-07-0417:32Bass-StripedRichmondRichmond leaves a big fighting striper alongside the remnant of the previous one. calgalcraigor
18-07-0417:35Bass-StripedRosieNow Rosie brings another fresh striper just two and a half minutes after RIchmond! Picked up on video replay by Robin.Robincraigor
18-07-0506:38Bass-StripedRichmondRichmond on the cable with a live one. Brought to nest nearly whole 0639J.craigor
18-07-0507:30JacksmeltRichmondRichmond with another big live fish on the cable. Brought to nest 0756 and left with the other one. Remainder removed by Rosie to pulley 0822.J.craigor
18-07-0508:34JacksmeltRichmondRIchmond on boom cable with another fresh fish. Holds it a long time, then brings it down to hand off to one of the chicks.Katcraigor
18-07-0511:34JacksmeltRichmondRichmond spotted munching on a small fish on the cableChriscraigor
18-07-0512:45JacksmeltRosieSmallish fish brought to nest, shared with chicksRobincraigor
18-07-0513:10Man Made ObjectsUnsureBlue plastic piece with writing on it at nest--snack bag? Blown from nest at 1449.Katcraigor
18-07-0515:37Bass-StripedRichmondHeadless striper to nestMidicraigor
18-07-0517:33Bass-StripedRichmondbig fat striper to boom, then to clamoring kids on nestRobincraigor
18-07-0606:18OtherRichmondAnother bird carcass brought to nest by Richmond for his collection. Left on SW corner of nest near the pointy lumber. Moved by Richmond to N side of nest later in the day.Loricraigor
18-07-0607:58Bass-StripedRichmondSizeable fish brought to the boom, airlifted to nest whole and bleeding 0800.calgalcraigor
18-07-0610:58JacksmeltRichmondRIchmond brings a small and partly-eaten fish to the nest. ID difficult, finished quickly by the chicks. Likely jacksmelt.Midicraigor
18-07-0614:49JacksmeltRichmondAnother smallish, used jacksmelt brought in by RichmondJudicraigor
18-07-0617:45JacksmeltRichmondA small but lively fish brought to the hungry chicksGailMaccraigor
18-07-0618:42Bass-StripedRichmondStriper tries to flop its way off the nest while the chicks fight over itcalgalcraigor
18-07-0620:18Bass-StripedRichmondDangled above nest, then landedDianneAcraigor
18-07-0707:21Bass-StripedRichmondFish with staring eye left flopping on the nestLoricraigor
18-07-0710:14JacksmeltRichmondOne chick arrives at nest sounding the call just after VV flies to cable. RIchmond arrives a moment later with headless fish.GailMaccraigor
18-07-0715:47Bass-StripedRichmondNo-head striper left at nest for two hungry chicksJudicraigor
18-07-0719:25Bass-StripedRichmondTimely large fish to the nestRobincraigor
18-07-0720:17Bass-StripedRichmondAnother good sized fish left at nestishwishcraigor
18-07-0720:28JacksmeltRichmondAnd another fish left on the nest, now one fish apiece for the three chicks.Judicraigor
18-07-0809:57Bass-StripedRosieRosie arrives with the first fish of the day, a head-on striper. Commences feeding chick at the nest, then leaves chick and fish to each other.Judicraigor
18-07-0810:13Bass-StripedRichmondRIchmond arrives with another fish. Not as big as Rosie's though! Parents depart. Both fish now on the nest with the chicks.Ingridcccraigor
18-07-0817:09Bass-StripedRichmondHeadless striper. VW and VV battle it out while VU waits his turn.Judicraigor
18-07-0818:33UnknownRichmondNew fish reportedly brought to nest then taken away quicklyJudicraigor
18-07-0906:03Bass-StripedRichmondDefaced fish brought to boom, airlifted to nest 0606Karencraigor
18-07-0907:01Bass-StripedRosieflopping fish seen on the nest. CIrcumstances of arrival unknown. Must be Rosie's though, since Richmond arrives on boom with his own just moments later.calgalcraigor
18-07-0907:06JacksmeltRichmondRIchmond on cable with very feisty whole fresh fish moments after arrival of previous fish at nest.J.craigor
18-07-0908:23UnknownRichmondRichmond seen on nest standing on not-large fresh fish, tough to ID. Taken away to strut by RosieJudicraigor
18-07-0914:12UnknownRichmondUnknown fish brought to nest by Richmond, spied by onsite chatter, confirmed on camera after return from blackout at 1445DianneAcraigor
18-07-0917:04JacksmeltRichmondBloody fish dangled onto nest by RichmondMidicraigor
18-07-0918:53Bass-StripedRichmondHeadless striper in the nestJudicraigor
18-07-1006:16JacksmeltRichmondFIsh spotted on the cable via ATN, brought to nest 0714.Karencraigor
18-07-1009:52Starry FlounderRichmondRichmond leaves a Starry Flounder on the nest. Chicks don't quite know what to do with it. Remains on the nest with occasional nibbles for hours.GailMaccraigor
18-07-1010:41JacksmeltRichmondRIchmond with another fish on the boom. Tail end brought to nest 1104, eaten by Rosie.Ingridcccraigor
18-07-1017:37JacksmeltRosieHead-on smeltie brought to nestJudicraigor
18-07-1017:51Bass-StripedRichmondSecond fish brought to the nest in quick succession, headless striper. Now two fish on the nest with all three chicks feeding themselves.calgalcraigor
18-07-1020:42JacksmeltRichmondJacksmelt delivery to nest. Taken to cable and nearly lost by VW chick.GailMaccraigor
18-07-1106:07JacksmeltRichmondRichmond brings breakfast to three chicks on the nestLoricraigor
18-07-1108:02JacksmeltRichmondWhole gasping fish dropped on the nest for the chicks to deal with.J.craigor
18-07-1109:52UnknownRichmondRIchmond brings a small fish, shows it to Rosie for a few seconds, and vanishes with itJudicraigor
18-07-1116:46JacksmeltRichmondHead on and still floppingJudicraigor
18-07-1117:07JacksmeltRosieAnother live one, complete with head. Now two fish on the nest. Chicks move to eat the new one, so RIchmond takes the previous one and leaves.chagincraigor
18-07-1117:39Bass-StripedRichmondAnother fish, now three on the nest, one for each chick.Robincraigor
18-07-1118:33Bass-StripedRosieRosie arrives at the nest with a beheaded fishJudicraigor
18-07-1208:37Bass-StripedRichmondHeadless striper left for the kidsJudicraigor
18-07-1210:48JacksmeltRichmondRichmond spotted on the cable with a large fish. One by one the chicks appear at the nest. Fish delivered 1055.Crowcraigor
18-07-1212:24JacksmeltRichmondBrought to boom for facial decosntruction, then brought to nestcalgalcraigor
18-07-1213:08Man Made ObjectsRosieGreen braided rope brought to the nest. Reported gone by 1535 the same afternoon.Judicraigor
18-07-1214:53Bass-StripedRichmondHeadless fish via Air RichmondRobincraigor
18-07-1219:00UnknownRichmondFish dangled over nest, then taken away by Richmond. Richmond seen an ATN cam defacing fish on cable away from the Whirley CraneKatcraigor
18-07-1307:32JacksmeltRichmondRIchmond with a large fish on the cable. Brought to nest 0738Judicraigor
18-07-1309:33Bass-StripedRichmondWhole striper dropped at nestmarthacraigor
18-07-1317:47JacksmeltRichmondHead-on jacksmelt dropped at nestGailMaccraigor
18-07-1318:06JacksmeltRichmondAnother head-on jacksmelt fly-by, fish taken to cable, 2 fish in less than 20 minutes! Returned to nest faceless 1810Robincraigor
18-07-1320:04JacksmeltRichmondLarge whole jacksmelt againGailMaccraigor
18-07-1320:14JacksmeltRichmondAnd yet again, a whole jacksmelt at the nestJudicraigor
18-07-1320:35JacksmeltRichmondOn the cable via ATN: the jacksmelt just keep on comingJudicraigor
18-07-1409:49Starry FlounderRichmondFlopping flat Starry Flounder on the nestMidicraigor
18-07-1412:07JacksmeltUnsureFish to nest, consumed in 17 minutesCrowcraigor
18-07-1416:01Bass-StripedRosieFish drop to nest in dramatic closeup. X-tra large striped bass.Mona Swearingencraigor
18-07-1417:37Bass-StripedRichmondSmall headless striper brought in, now two fish on the nestJudicraigor
18-07-1420:36Bass-StripedRichmondGood size half a fish delivered with a clumpJudicraigor
18-07-1506:44JacksmeltRichmondHeadless jacksmelt delivered to chicks on nest, lost over the side at 0645. Lost fish!calgalcraigor
18-07-1506:56JacksmeltRichmondUndaunted by the lost fish, RIchmond brings another ten minutes latercalgalcraigor
18-07-1507:07Bass-StripedRosieRosie eating a fish on the rail, visible on ATN. Good sized striper. Brought to nest 0723.Cathycraigor
18-07-1508:07JacksmeltRosieRosie on the rail, removing the face of a new fish. Delivered to nest at 0810. Two fish on the nest.Judicraigor
18-07-1511:38JacksmeltRichmondRichmond seen on cable via ATN eating face of fish. Brought to nest 1157.Judicraigor
18-07-1517:25JacksmeltRichmondLarge leaping jacksmelt left on the nest for the chicks to fight overDianneAcraigor
18-07-1517:45JacksmeltRichmondWhole jacksmelt dropped on nestCrowcraigor
18-07-1520:37JacksmeltRichmondAnother lively flopping jacksmelt dropped off at the nestDianneAcraigor
18-07-1607:00JacksmeltRichmondStarving complaining VW on the nest finally has his prayers answered. Active fish is hard to pin down!GailMaccraigor
18-07-1608:40JacksmeltRichmondRichmond on the cable with flopping fish, joined by a very vocal VV, takes his fish elsewhere. Brought briefly by the nest, much reduced, at 0928. Chicks more interested at that point in the big striper they have, so RIchmond leaves with his fish again.DianneAcraigor
18-07-1608:56Bass-StripedRosieRosie with a huge fish on the rail. Brought to screaming chicks on the nest at 0910. Ping ponged a few times throughout the morning.DianneAcraigor
18-07-1618:04JacksmeltRichmondBeheaded jacksmelt on the nestRobincraigor
18-07-1618:33UnknownRosieRosie arrives at the nest with a big grubby partially eaten fish. No ID possible. Maybe a Plainfin Midshipman? Offers it around, then finishes it off by 1904.GailMaccraigor
18-07-1620:37JacksmeltRichmondFresh headless jacksnack before bedtimeRobincraigor
18-07-1620:43JacksmeltRichmondAnd now another jacksmelt, this one alive and kicking. Video review shows that Richmond brought it.GailMaccraigor
18-07-1620:47JacksmeltRichmondSpeed-fishing Richmond with another lively whole jacksmelt bouncing and flopping across the nest. Three fish in ten minutes for Richmond.GailMaccraigor
18-07-1706:19JacksmeltRichmondRIchmond on the cable removing the front end of a jacksmelt. Brought to nest 0637.Loricraigor
18-07-1709:07JacksmeltRosieRosie brings a fish to the nest and begins feeding an eager VV.Cindycraigor
18-07-1711:52Bass-StripedRichmondHeadless striper left on the nest for a wet VV to munch on all alone. Ingridcccraigor
18-07-1714:54Bass-StripedRosieWhole striper brought by the nest, then hovered off to corner rail. Returned to nest at 1512.Tamacraigor
18-07-1718:44Bass-StripedRichmondBig beheaded striper appears, three-chick squabble ensues.GailMaccraigor
18-07-1720:32JacksmeltRichmondBig wiggly gasping jacksmelt doesn't make it easy for the chicksGailMaccraigor
18-07-1720:48JacksmeltRichmondAnother big one caught in the fog at sundown. Richmond stands on the nest and eats it for a while.C.craigor
18-07-1806:52JacksmeltRichmondRIchmond holding a flapping fish on the cable. Brought to nest at 0712.calgalcraigor
18-07-1814:32UnknownRosieWell-chewed unknown fish flown on and off the nestC.craigor
18-07-1815:25JacksmeltRichmondFresh live fish on the nestDIanneAcraigor
18-07-1816:41Bass-StripedRichmondRichmond brings a fresh whole striperIngridcccraigor
18-07-1906:40JacksmeltRichmondWhole live fish for the chickscalgalcraigor
18-07-1908:53OtherRosieFlat fish brought to nest. ID'd on video replay as a Bat Ray. First one seen here.DianneAcraigor
18-07-1910:51JacksmeltRichmondheadless smelt on the nestkarencraigor
18-07-1914:29UnknownUnsure"fish." No other info available.calgalcraigor
18-07-1918:33Bass-StripedRosieBig striper delivered, very much aliveGailMaccraigor
18-07-1919:25JacksmeltRichmondIf a fish falls on the nest, and nobody calls it...Crowcraigor
18-07-2008:25JacksmeltRichmondRIchmond on cable precariously clinging to flopping fish. Brought to nest 0838.Judicraigor
18-07-2009:57OtherRosieRosie brings fish to nest, no takers there, so removes it to cable. Possible Plainfin Midshipman?thoracraigor
18-07-2010:46JacksmeltRichmondFish on cable via ATNJudicraigor
18-07-2014:32Bass-StripedRosieWhole striper brought to nest, chicks tussle, fish goes over the side 1433. Lost fish!Midicraigor
18-07-2014:36Bass-StripedRichmondRichmond with his own fish on the boom, brought to nest 1500calgalcraigor
18-07-2106:13UnknownRosieBg fish spotted at nest from ATN, too far for IDcalgalcraigor
18-07-2106:32JacksmeltRichmondRichmond on cable with his own fish. Brought to Rosie at the nest 0738, who takes it out to her favorite strut to eat.J.craigor
18-07-2107:06UnknownUnsureRe-centering of nestcam shows two chicks separately eating fish on the nest. ID and circumstances of third fish arrival unknown.J.craigor
18-07-2109:48UnknownRosieRosie spotted on rail eating fish. ID and circumstances of arrival unclear. Mangled scraps brought to nest 0952, eaten by chicks. Judicraigor
18-07-2116:21JacksmeltUnsureProbable jacksmelt disputed between VU and VV. Circumstances of arrival unclear.J.craigor
18-07-2117:07Bass-StripedRosieHeadless chunky fish brought to nest, Rosie nearly bowled over by the reception. Fish battered aboout the nest for the next three and a half hours. Judicraigor
18-07-2206:14JacksmeltRosieRosie flies in a lively flopping fish, leaves it on the nest, and it flops away over the edge before anyone can grab it. Lost fish!Katcraigor
18-07-2206:23JacksmeltRichmondRichmond with his own fish up on the cable. Taking his time on the cable enjoying the face before bringing it down at 0644.J.craigor
18-07-2208:53JacksmeltRosieWell-used fish dropped off to chick scrum at the nest. VU Victorious for the moment.Judicraigor
18-07-2212:14JacksmeltRichmondImpatient VU calling and calling, finally gets his wishGailMaccraigor
18-07-2217:48Bass-StripedRosieDefaced striper delivered with three chicks on the nestGailMaccraigor
18-07-2306:02JacksmeltUnsureLong flopping fish brought to nest (visible on ATN, nestcam pointed away), flops over the edge within seconds. Lost fish!calgalcraigor
18-07-2309:45JacksmeltRichmondLong fish dangling from cable on ATN. Brought to nest 1002alicraigor
18-07-2311:55JacksmeltUnsureHeadless fish left at nest. ID of deliverer unclear.karencraigor
18-07-2312:08JacksmeltRosieRosie flies a fish by the nest, VV stil eating the last one, so she takes hers out to the strut. Back on the nest eating it by 1235.Judicraigor
18-07-2314:38Plainfin MidshipmanRosieWide thick mess of a fish with protruding fins arrives at nest. Possible Plainfin Midshipman, but badly mangled on arrival.calgalcraigor
18-07-2318:31JacksmeltRichmondHeadless fish caught in 3-chick tug of warRobincraigor
18-07-2319:53Plainfin MidshipmanRosieRosie with another blob-like unknown fish w/grey mottled skin. Another mangled Midshipman, it seems. Crowcraigor
18-07-2320:25Bass-StripedRosieRosie on the cable eating another large fish. Brought to nest 2051. DianneAcraigor
18-07-2405:56UnknownRichmondEarly morning fish on nest, impossible to ID on ATN. karencraigor
18-07-2406:45JacksmeltRosieWhole fish left on nest as the chicks gatherGailMaccraigor
18-07-2408:33JacksmeltRichmondFresh fish for the kidskarencraigor
18-07-2411:05Plainfin MidshipmanRosieFinally hungry VV gets her own fish. Another Plainfin Midshipman from the look of it. Rosie must have a secret supply of these!JanAcraigor
18-07-2415:31Plainfin MidshipmanRosieAnd another Plainfin Midshipman. Catch of the Day!Suzannecraigor
18-07-2417:38Bass-StripedRosieRosie on the strut perch with a huge, lively striper. Judicraigor
18-07-2419:57JacksmeltRichmondFish drop with three chicks waiting on the nestJudicraigor
18-07-2507:39HerringRosieDIrect nest delivery of head-on fish. Scale pattern and large dorsal fin suggest Pacific Herring.J.craigor
18-07-2508:14JacksmeltRichmondJacksmelt dropped at nest for hungry VW. VV still eating her previous fish.GailMaccraigor
18-07-2509:48Bass-StripedRichmondGreat big striper on the nestkarencraigor
18-07-2511:29Plainfin MidshipmanRosieTeeny tiny fish dropped off by unknown parent, looks like a baby Plainfin Midshipman. DianneAcraigor
18-07-2511:40Plainfin MidshipmanRichmondRichmond arrives with a Plainfin Midshipman, then swoops it away to the cable. DianneAcraigor
18-07-2511:44JacksmeltRosieRosie spotted on strut with fresh fish by on-site visitor. Brought to nest 1155DianneAcraigor
18-07-2513:59Plainfin MidshipmanRichmondAnother reported Plainfin Midshipman delivered to nestMona Swearingencraigor
18-07-2520:54JacksmeltRichmondRichmond on the rail with fish, eats it solo.guest 1craigor
18-07-2608:33UnknownRosieRosie brings a small whole fish to the nest, but no one is around to eat it. Possibly a flat one. Or another Planfin Midshipman. Taken to strut perch at 8:37Judicraigor
18-07-2611:04JacksmeltRichmondFish brought to nest, removed quickly to rail by VWkarencraigor
18-07-2615:36Plainfin MidshipmanRosieThick shapeless fish caught in big chick tussle on the nest. ID'd as Plainfin Midshipman on video replay.calgalcraigor
18-07-2617:59UnknownUnsureAnother fish, another tussle on the nest, ID and origin uncertainDianneAcraigor
18-07-2706:06UnknownUnsureUnknown silvery fish dropped at nest by unknown parent, quickly lost over side. Lost fish! J.craigor
18-07-2706:10JacksmeltUnsureA second fish delivered to the nest wildly flopping.J.craigor
18-07-2706:22JacksmeltUnsureReturn of nestcam to nest shows another fish on the nest. Three in quick succession!Robincraigor
18-07-2707:11JacksmeltRichmondFish brought to three chicks on the nest. Poor starving VU finally gets a fish after being shut out all morning.GailMaccraigor
18-07-2708:33Plainfin MidshipmanRosieHeadless Plainfin Midshipman dropped quickly at the nestDianneAcraigor
18-07-2711:28Plainfin MidshipmanRosieLarge Plainfin Midshipman brought to the nest.crowcraigor
18-07-2715:16Plainfin MidshipmanRosieAnd it's another headless Plainfin MidshipmanRobincraigor
18-07-2806:16JacksmeltRosieLong silver fish dropped on nest, bounces twice, and over the edge. Lost fish!calgalcraigor
18-07-2806:19JacksmeltRichmondBack to back fish deliveries, this one stays on the nest to be eaten.calgalcraigor
18-07-2806:50JacksmeltRichmondHeadless bloody fish gets an enthisiastic reception at the nest.GailMaccraigor
18-07-2808:10UnknownUnsureBeheaded fish dropped quickly at nest, screened behind chicksJudicraigor
18-07-2809:08JacksmeltRichmondLong and skinny and floppingDianneAcraigor
18-07-2809:18Plainfin MidshipmanRosieMutilated fish delivered, maybe another Plainfin MidshipmanJanAcraigor
18-07-2814:23Plainfin MidshipmanRosieAnd it looks like Plainfin Midshipman againC.craigor
18-07-2819:38Bass-StripedUnsureFish delivered, apparently lost over the edge in the scrum.Judicraigor
18-07-2819:52Bass-StripedUnsureAnother striper deliveredGailMaccraigor
18-07-2906:15UnknownUnsureFIsh spotted at nest on ATN, nest cam not on nestcalgalcraigor
18-07-2906:17JacksmeltUnsureSecond fish seen at nest, still no nestcam view. VV takes fish to rail, and drops it. Lost fish!calgalcraigor
18-07-2907:04UnknownUnsureThird fish seen on the nest, nestcam view still unavailable for IDCathycraigor
18-07-2908:50JacksmeltRosieAnother fish fight, VW the winner this timeJudicraigor
18-07-2909:37Bass-StripedRichmondFIsh fights getting fiercer by the day. VV gets this one and takes it to the cable. Back to the nest, back to the cable, then to the rail...and drops the fish! Second dropped half-eaten fish of the day for VV. RIchmond was seen flying by with a huge striper an hour earlier, likely it was this one.Judicraigor
18-07-2910:15JacksmeltRichmondFinally VU gets a nice fish of his own.JanAcraigor
18-07-2914:25Plainfin MidshipmanRichmondMucky blob of a fish...must be one of those Plainfin Midshipmen again.ishwishcraigor
18-07-2914:29Bass-StripedRosieRosie brings in a striper. Second fish in five minutes.ishwishcraigor
18-07-2919:05Plainfin MidshipmanUnsureWhole Plainfin MidshipmanJudicraigor
18-07-3007:00Plainfin MidshipmanRosieMangled brownish fish, ID unclear but shape and color suggest Plainfin Midshipman.J.craigor
18-07-3011:35Bass-StripedRosieLovely big striper to the nest, Rosie mugged by VU.GailMaccraigor
18-07-3016:43UnknownRosieMangled pink-fleshed fish, quickly consumed. Hard to ID. Gone in 15 minutes.Judicraigor
18-07-3019:47Plainfin MidshipmanRichmondFunny fish and a fierce fish fight on the nest. Appears flat on video replay, possible halibut? On replay, likely Plainfin MidshipmanJudicraigor
18-07-3105:59JacksmeltRosieSlim silver jacksmelt brought to waiting chickskarencraigor
18-07-3106:08JacksmeltRichmondQuick back-to-back 6 AM fishcalgalcraigor
18-07-3106:51Plainfin MidshipmanRosieRosie brings a smallish fish to the two chicks. Brownish, consumed quickly by VV. Likely Midshipman.calgalcraigor
18-07-3108:44Bass-StripedRosieRosie on her strut perch with a big striper. Brought to nest 0852. Seized by VV, who holds onto it, eating slowly, for seven hours. Last bit of tail finished at 1557.Midicraigor
18-07-3108:55JacksmeltRichmondRichmond follows up with his own smelty contribution. Eaten by VU.Judicraigor
18-08-0108:01Bass-StripedRichmondHeadless striper brought to VU on the nest.GailMaccraigor
18-08-0109:19UnknownUnsureFish delivery at nest, unknown ID and provenance.karencraigor
18-08-0111:37UnknownUnsureVV spotted on rail via ATN with unknown partial fish. Did she bring it from RYC nest where she's been visiting?Judicraigor
18-08-0113:11JacksmeltRichmondRichmond with fresh fat headless jacksmelt. VW keeps it close for the next several hours. Finally polishes it off around 1920.Katcraigor
18-08-0207:58Bass-StripedRichmondHeadless striper to VW and VU on the nest. After a tussle, VU gets first crack at it.Mona Swearingencraigor
18-08-0208:59Plainfin MidshipmanRosieUnknown faceless floppy fish to the nest. Well concealed in nest material. Confirmed Plainfin Midshipman due to photophores and tail shape. Fish goes to VU while VW is still working the remains of the prior fish.Judicraigor
18-08-0209:59JacksmeltRichmondHead-on jacksmelt delivered to nest. VU takes it, abandoning the mangled half-fish he had before.Judicraigor
18-08-0210:32JacksmeltRichmondHeadless jacksmelt, sleight-of-foot fish drop, now 2.5 fish on nest. Stolen by a juvenile intruder at 1105.C.craigor
18-08-0212:13JacksmeltRosieHeadless jacksmelt dropped quickly at nest, taken to rail by VW.MGcraigor
18-08-0213:38JacksmeltRichmondBeheaded jacksmelt consumed quickly by VU.GailMaccraigor
18-08-0219:30JacksmeltRichmondAnother headless jacksmelt for VW.Judicraigor
18-08-0219:49JacksmeltUnsureFlown past, then dropped off, consumed quickly.calgalcraigor
18-08-0307:41JacksmeltRichmondSilvery headless jacksmelt dropped at nest by swiftly-departing parent.calgalcraigor
18-08-0310:07Bass-StripedRichmondBeheaded striper to the nest.Judicraigor
18-08-0310:46JacksmeltRosieRosie drops off a probable jacksmelt.Katcraigor
18-08-0317:57Bass-StripedRosieHeadless fish dropped off at nest. Appears on replay to be the tail end of a striped bass.calgalcraigor
18-08-0319:08JacksmeltRichmondwiggly fighting feisty fish to the nestcalgalcraigor
18-08-0319:28JacksmeltRichmondRichmond stops by with another fish, then flies off with it 20 seconds later.Ingridcccraigor
18-08-0406:14JacksmeltUnsureWiggling head-on jacksmelt brought early.calgalcraigor
18-08-0406:51JacksmeltRosieRosie flies in and out with a reported fish. Returns to nest 0719.calgalcraigor
18-08-0408:58JacksmeltRosieNew fish left for VWKatcraigor
18-08-0414:21UnknownRosieRosie spotted on rail with remains of a fishJudicraigor
18-08-0506:55JacksmeltRosieDark-top white-belly fish delivered to VU on the nest. FInished by 0743.calgalcraigor
18-08-0510:14JacksmeltRosieLarge fish, likely a jacksmelt, another one for VU.jim94131craigor
18-08-0510:48Bass-StripedUnsureThird one in a row for VU on the nest, who flies off and back with it.DianneAcraigor
18-08-0515:39UnknownRosieRosie passes through with a limp pink-fleshed fish--possible Plainfin Midshipman?--then takes it away to the cables to eat.alicraigor
18-08-0516:56UnknownUnsureVV arrives at the nest carrying her own partial fish. Takeout from the neighbors'?Katcraigor
18-08-0518:10Bass-StripedRichmondHeadless striped bass deivery. Delivery accepted by VU, his fourth fish of the day.Mona Swearingencraigor
18-08-0606:49Bass-StripedRosieFish on nest underneath mantling chick. Appears to be partial striped bass.J.craigor
18-08-0610:19Bass-StripedRichmondBig headless striper nabbed by VW on the nest. Swiped by another Osprey at 1105.Judicraigor
18-08-0611:06JacksmeltRichmondVW observed on rail with another partial fish, apparently one dropped off soon after the earlier fish was stolen.Judicraigor
18-08-0615:53Starry FlounderRosieRosie drops partially eaten Starry Flounder to VW. His third fish of the day.aliTB
18-08-0619:56Bass-StripedUnsureHeadless striper dropped at the nest for VW. At least his fourth of the day, and immediately after he finished the Starry Founder. Sits on the fish all nght, still holding on to it in the morning.Mona Swearingencraigor
18-08-0706:53JacksmeltRichmondSecond fish spotted on nest with VW, still clutching his overnight striper. VU swoops in and takes it away at 0740.GailMaccraigor
18-08-0712:52Plainfin MidshipmanRosieWhole Plainfin Midshipman delivered to nest. VU tries to remove it at 1:03, promptly loses it over the side.calgalcraigor
18-08-0719:53JacksmeltRichmondHuge lively bloody struggling fish delivered to VU on the nest.GailMaccraigor
18-08-0807:07Plainfin MidshipmanRosieHeadless Plainfin Midshipman delivered to VU who defends it vigorously on the nestkarencraigor
18-08-0808:24Bass-StripedRichmondAnother one for VU to enjoy solo.Midicraigor
18-08-0810:50JacksmeltRosieParent sighted with fish on the cablekarencraigor
18-08-0812:29Bass-StripedRosieLarge beheaded striper spotted by on-site visitor. Visible on nest cam by 1235. Fish swiped from VU by unbanded juvenile visitor at 1309.DianneAcraigor
18-08-0816:11Plainfin MidshipmanRichmondPlainfin Midshipman and VU has it all alone.GailMaccraigor
18-08-0906:55Plainfin MidshipmanRosieSaggy baggy fish fragment brought to the nest. Has brownish skin and bedraggled appearance of Plainfin Midshipman. Consumed quickly by VU.GailMaccraigor
18-08-0909:00JacksmeltRosieDrop off of head-on wiggly jacksmelt. VU spending the morning at home again.Judicraigor
18-08-0912:15Plainfin MidshipmanRichmondAnother slightly used Plainfin Midshipman for VU.GailMaccraigor
18-08-0916:23UnknownRosieUnknown fish brought in quick drop-off. Once again it's for VU to eat.Cindycraigor
18-08-0918:36Bass-StripedRosieBloody flayed headless fish appears. Striper dimensions, but strikingly red in color.Judicraigor
18-08-1008:10JacksmeltRichmondHead-on fish delivered to VU on the nest.Judicraigor
18-08-1016:39Plainfin MidshipmanRosiePlainfin Midshipman delivery to VUJudicraigor
18-08-1107:49Bass-StripedRosieLarge headless striper for VU's breakfast. FIsh removed from nest at 0802. VU back on nest, fish gone, likely lost or stolen, by 0810.J.craigor
18-08-1210:49UnknownRosieAdult spotted with fish on cable.Crowcraigor
18-08-1216:39UnknownRichmondRIchmond seen on rail via ATN with large unknown fishalicraigor
18-08-1218:52UnknownRosieRosie on the rail with scant remains of a fish.Judicraigor
18-08-1306:29JacksmeltRichmondRIchmond spotted on rail via ATN with fish.J.craigor
18-08-1319:09Bass-StripedRichmondRichmond on rail again, this time with a big striperJudicraigor
18-08-1410:44Bass-StripedRosieRosie with a large striped bass on the rail. Richmond on nest giving solicitation call!calgalcraigor/TB
18-08-1412:27Bass-StripedRichmondBrought to cable to eat while Rosie still on rail with her striped bassishwishTB
18-08-1415:32Bass-StripedRosieRosie arrives at nest with a new partly eaten fish. Leaves the nest with fish at 1534 to help drive off visitor on the cable, where Richmond still has his fish.Katcraigor
18-08-1514:15UnknownUnsureAdult spotted on the cable with a fish. Gone by 1425.DianneAcraigor
18-08-1608:43JacksmeltRichmondLarge fish with forked tail on cable via ATN. To corner rail at 0850.DianneAcraigor
18-08-1620:49UnknownRichmondRIchmond on cable clutching a piece of fish. Still visible at 2200.Jhcraigor
18-08-1712:15Man Made ObjectsUnsureBright lime-green paper/plastic/fabric item visible on frustration nest at the cable sheave.J.craigor
18-08-1806:50JacksmeltRichmondRichmond with large fish on cable via ATN, caught within three minutes of leaving the nest.J.craigor
18-08-1813:29JacksmeltUnsureConfusing two-Osprey incident at the nest, second Osprey to swoop in holding a partial jacksmelt in its talons. Both Ospreys fly away.J.craigor
18-08-1908:57OtherRichmondRichmond brings a well-used partial bird carcass to the nest.calgalcraigor
18-08-1919:57JacksmeltRichmondRichmond spotted on rail holding half a fish.JanAcraigor
18-08-2019:53JacksmeltRichmondRichmond spotted on rail eating the face off a fish, second night in a row at this time.Katcraigor
18-08-2218:10JacksmeltRichmondRichmond with bloody flopping fish on boom cable as Rosie watches from the rail.alicraigor
18-08-2306:35JacksmeltRosieRosie seen with likely jacksmelt on cable via ATN. Flies away with it a minute later. Back on the cable with it by 0715.karencraigor
18-08-2418:32Man Made ObjectsRichmondTapered black and silver rod--apparently a broken fishing rod--brought to the nest by Richmond.Robincraigor
18-08-2909:01JacksmeltRichmondRichmond brings a fish to the boom as Rosie watches.Katcraigor
18-08-3019:04UnknownRichmondRIchmond with fish on cableSaMocraigor
18-09-0406:58OtherRichmondRichmond brings in another bird carcass. A really big woolly one this time.GailMaccraigor
18-09-1310:15UnknownUnsureUnknown Osprey with unknown fish makes a brief stop on the boom cable.Katcraigor
18-09-1507:00JacksmeltRichmondRichmond on the boom cable with a fishJudicraigor
18-09-2009:20UnknownRichmondRichmond brings a fish to the cableDianneAcraigor
19-02-0811:50Man Made ObjectsRichmondRichmond reported bringing a hanky-like piece of white fabric to the nest. Blown off the nest onto the platform on 2/10jhcraigor
19-02-2315:29JacksmeltRichmondRichmond to lower cable with the first fish of the year, as female (Rosie!!) waits on the nest. Richmond flies off with fish at 1544craigorcraigor
19-02-2407:02Man Made ObjectsRichmondRichmond with a large sheet of clear plastic film to the nest. Blown from the nest by 0900 on 2/25.craigorcraigor
19-02-2410:12JacksmeltRichmondRichmond on the cable with a fish. Rosie on the nest calling. Gone from cable 1016. Brought to nest 1023. Off again 1025.calgalcraigor
19-02-2414:50Bass-StripedRosieRosie tires of waiting for Richmond to share his fish, gets one of her own and brings it to the cable.SaMocraigor
19-02-2511:15JacksmeltRosieRosie on strut perch with small fish and harassing crow. To cable 1119. Fish is likely a jacksmelt. To nest with tiny remnant 1124.SaMocraigor
19-02-2611:58UnknownRosieReview of captured video shows Rosie flying in to her favorite perch with an unknown fish, but she doesn't stay long.Robin w/assist from Cindycraigor
19-02-2810:03Starry FlounderRosieRosie to the strut perch with a large Starry FlounderJ.craigor
19-02-2810:46JacksmeltRichmondRichmond flies over with a half eaten fish and lands with it on the cable.J.craigor
19-02-2814:54UnknownRichmondRichmond lands high on the boom out of sight with a fish while Rosie calls for it from the nest. Both fly off a moment later and Rosie returns to the lower cable alone, no fish.Robincraigor
19-03-0307:05Man Made ObjectsRichmondRichmond brings a small greyish piece of cloth to the nest.craigorcraigor
19-03-0308:30OtherRichmondRichmond on the cable with a small unknown fish remnant.DianneAcraigor
19-03-0409:37JacksmeltRichmondRichmond brings a fish to the nest, is joined by Rosie, but he won't show it to her. Takes it away to eat on the cable at 1000.DianneAcraigor
19-03-0414:30UnknownRichmondVideo review shows Richmond bringing unknown fish to the boom. Possible sighting of scraps being munched from ATN view.Robincraigor
19-03-0508:31JacksmeltRichmondRichmond buzzes the nest with the tail end of a small fish just as Rosie is landing, then flies up to the cable with it. Fish gone by 0837.DianneAcraigor
19-03-0609:15Man Made ObjectsRichmondRichmond brings another grey rag or fabric scrap to the nest. Dislodged from nest by 1100.Katcraigor
19-03-0614:56Man Made ObjectsRichmondRichmond to the nest with a piece of dark fabric resembling a black plastic garbage bag...item blown from the nest at 0625 on 3/8.Kat craigor
19-03-0615:02Man Made ObjectsRichmondAlmost immediately after delivering the black plastic, Richmond goes out and returns with a teal-colored rag the size of a towel or small blanket. Item dislodged from the nest shortly after fish delivery at 1600 on 3/9.Katcraigor
19-03-0707:35Man Made ObjectsRichmond...And then Richmond returns 30 seconds after that with another rag, this one brownish-grey in color.craigorcraigor
19-03-0707:35JacksmeltRichmondRichmond brings a whole jacksmelt to Rosie waiting eagerly at the nest. She tries to take it from him but he won't let go. Both go tumbling off the nest, still holding the fish, about ten seconds later.SaMocraigor
19-03-0708:18Man Made ObjectsRichmondRichmond brings a green rope to the nest. Slipping off the far edge of the nest by the next morning. Finds its way back to the middle of the nest by 3/12, possibly to the near side of the nest by the time of the cameras' return on 3/14.Judicraigor
19-03-0711:57JacksmeltRichmondRichmond brings a pathetically tiny half a fish to where Rosie waits on the nest, followed immediately by an agressive pass over the nest from an interloper Osprey. R&R fend off the intruder, and Richmond leaves with his fish.C.craigor
19-03-0809:51JacksmeltRichmondRichmond spotted on cables eating a fish remnant at 1002. Video review shows him at the nest briefly with it, more intact, at 0951. J.craigor
19-03-0815:37JacksmeltRichmondRichmond swoops over the nest with a fish and then takes it up to the cable to eat.Robincraigor
19-03-0819:09Man Made ObjectsRichmondRichmond arrives with another tangled skein of blue-green twine or rope.Robincraigor
19-03-0916:00Bass-StripedOtherAs Rosie waits on the nest, an apparently unknown male Osprey with half a fish descends repeatedly over the nest. Rosie tries to take the fish and a tussle ensues. Rosie slides off the edge of the nest, taking teal rag with her. Stranger alone on the nest with the fish briefly at 1607. Rosie returns to the nest with the partial fish 1655, joined a moment later by Richmond, then both fly off to the cable.C.craigor
19-03-1007:22Man Made ObjectsRichmondRichmond to the nest with a small scrap of black plastic or possibly ground cloth.J.craigor
19-03-1009:41JacksmeltRichmondRichmond arrives at the nest with a fish, but finds no takers there, so flies it up to the boom.Robincraigor
19-03-1014:25JacksmeltRichmondRichmond with headless jacksmelt to the nest while Rosie watches from the lower cable.Robincraigor
19-03-1018:37Man Made ObjectsRichmondRIchmond delivers a chunk of light aqua-colored styrofoam, as from a nautical buoy or bumper. Dislodged from the nest around 0750 on 3/11SaMocraigor
19-03-1018:49Man Made ObjectsRichmondRichmond delivers more trash, this piece resembling a crumpled plastic grocery bag. Lost over the edge prior to the camera's return on 3/14.SaMocraigor
19-03-1107:13Man Made ObjectsUnsureBlue plastic piece--a Swiffer® handle?--spotted on the nest. It wasn't there last night. Out of view over the edge prior to the camera's return on 3/14.craigorcraigor
19-03-1108:41Man Made ObjectsRichmondRichmond arrives with a thin yellow-brown square of foam rubber resembling a seat cushion. Lost over the edge prior to the camera's return on 3/14.craigorcraigor
19-03-1109:45Starry FlounderRichmondRichmond brings a faceless Starry Flounder to Rosie on the nest. Needs coaxing to give it to her. She flies it off to her strut perch and eats it.Midicraigor
19-03-1111:00JacksmeltRichmondRichmond on the cable with a good-sized jacksmelt. Brought to nest 1118 then taken away again.SaMocraigor
19-03-1116:03JacksmeltRichmondRichmond flies in to the nest carrying TWO jacksmelt, one in each foot. He gives the smaller of the two to Rosie...Robincraigor
19-03-1116:03JacksmeltRichmond...who flies up to the Bay Perch and finishes it quickly while Richmond eats his own on the cable near the nest.Katcraigor
19-03-1208:48Starry FlounderRichmondRichmond spotted on the cable munching on a Starry Founder. Rosie begging from the nest. Fish to nest 0928, Rosie removes it to the strut perch to finish.SaMocraigor
19-03-1409:55JacksmeltRichmondCams down for two days. On-site visitor reports Richmond on cable with a fish at 0955, and possibly a second jacksmelt at 1105alicraigor
19-03-1413:47UnknownRichmondReturn of ATN cam after blackout shows Richmond on cable with a fish, too far for ID. He flies off with it by 1350.DianneAcraigor
19-03-1413:47Man Made ObjectsUnsureReturn of nestcam after blackout reveals what appears to be a new piece of light blue cloth on the nest.J.craigor
19-03-1415:50JacksmeltRichmondRichmond swoops past the crane carrying a large fish, with another Osprey pursuing. Rosie on the nest calling. Richmond comes around and lands on the upper cable with his fish. He brings it to the nest to hand off to Rosie 16:01, and she takes it to the Bay Cafe strut perch. Richmond seen carrying remainder, pursued by a gull, at 1629.SaMocraigor
19-03-1509:42Starry FlounderRichmondRichmond brings a flounder to the nest, hands it off to Rosie who takes it away to eat elsewhere.SaMocraigor
19-03-1510:59JacksmeltRichmondRichmond flies in with a jacksmelt and eats it on the rail.SaMocraigor
19-03-1512:23JacksmeltRichmondRichmond arrives with another jacksmelt, this time he gives it to Rosie and she flies off with it.SaMocraigor
19-03-1514:09Bass-StripedRichmondRichmond brings a decapitated striped bass and hands it off to Rosie on the nest.SaMocraigor
19-03-1515:10JacksmeltRichmondRichmond lands on the cable with a new headless fish not long after Rosie was heard calling off-camera. Richmond gone from cable with fish by 1514.SaMocraigor
19-03-1517:39JacksmeltRichmondRichmond reported on the boom cable munching on a new fish.SaMocraigor
19-03-1608:36JacksmeltRichmondRichmond seen flying to the top of the boom with a fish. Richmond brings it to the nest 0846, followed by Rosie who takes the fish away by force and flies off with it.SaMocraigor
19-03-1613:25Starry FlounderRichmondRichmond flies in with partial fish, then flies off. Rosie comes to the nest and starts calling for the remains. Richmond delivers fish to nest 1338 and Rosie takes it.C.craigor
19-03-1707:25Man Made ObjectsRichmondRichmond arrives with an apparently artificial object, possibly cloth.Robincraigor
19-03-1707:51Man Made ObjectsRichmondRichmond seen with a cloth scrap, like a rag.Robincraigor
19-03-1707:54Man Made ObjectsRichmondRichmond delivers a small paper bag, looking like a take-out sack from a fast food joint.craigorcraigor
19-03-1707:57Man Made ObjectsRichmondRichmond seen bringing another rag-like scrapRobincraigor
19-03-1708:49Man Made ObjectsRichmondRichmond arrives with what looks like a wad of sticky packing tape. Takes off and lands again, with the wad still stuck to his foot.SaMocraigor
19-03-1708:56Man Made ObjectsRichmondRichmond's return reveals a square of clear plastic, probably a food container.J.craigor
19-03-1709:03Man Made ObjectsRichmondRichmond returns with a large strip of white paper or light plastic. Tape may still be stuck to his foot.craigorcraigor
19-03-1709:19Man Made ObjectsRichmondRichmond brings a large work glove to the nest.craigorcraigor
19-03-1710:09JacksmeltRichmondHeadless fish brought to the nest, taken by Rosie out to her strut perch.SaMocraigor
19-03-1710:51JacksmeltRichmondRichmond on the cable removing the head from a long jacksmelt. Delivered to the nest 1114. Rosie flies off with it.SaMocraigor
19-03-1714:11JacksmeltRichmondRichmond flies to the cable with a long flopping fish while Rosie watches from lower down the cable. J.craigor
19-03-1715:13JacksmeltRichmondRichmond arrives at the nest with half a jacksmelt and Rosie snatches it away quickly.Robincraigor
19-03-1718:16JacksmeltRichmondRichmond with a good sized fat jacksmelt. Gives it to Rosie on the nest, who takes it away.alicraigor
19-03-1719:08JacksmeltRichmondRichmond with another large squiggly jacksmelt on the boom cable.Carolecraigor
19-03-1807:27Man Made ObjectsUnsureRosie unearths and jettisons a hard turquoise object over the edge of the nest. Arrival time of object unknown.craigorcraigor
19-03-1808:14Man Made ObjectsRichmondMysterious disc-shaped object brought to the nestRobincraigor
19-03-1809:35JacksmeltRichmondRichmond brings a slippery jacksmelt to Rosie on the nest. She flies off after an intruder, and Richmond loses control of the fish, which slips over the side. Lost fish!J. and Katcraigor
19-03-1911:46Starry FlounderRichmondRichmond brings a fish and Rosie takes it away. Rosie returns 15 minutes later with no fish. Lost fish?Carolecraigor
19-03-1912:53JacksmeltRichmondRichmond arrives at the cable with a jacksmelt. Brought to nest after face removal, 1303.JanAcraigor
19-03-1916:44JacksmeltRichmondRichmond to the cable with a good sized jacksmelt.ishwishcraigor
19-03-1918:17JacksmeltRichmondRichond flies to crane off camera, then appears on the rail with a sizeable jacksmelt. He drops it on the nest and Rosie takes it at 1822, joining him on the rail.Midicraigor
19-03-2012:19JacksmeltRichmondRichmond brings a faceless fish to Rosie on the nest. She eats it on the corner rail while he watches.Carolecraigor
19-03-2015:46JacksmeltRichmondRichmond spotted arriving at the cable with a sizeable jacksmelt. Rosie calling loudly from the nest. He brings the fish down to her at 1551 and she carries it up to the cable to eat.C.craigor
19-03-2016:36JacksmeltRichmondRichmond brings another fish to the cable wth Rosie on the nest. Continues eating until 1717, then brings the fish to the nest where Rosie rejoins him and takes the fish away to eat high on the cable.janwcraigor
19-03-2108:38JacksmeltRichmondRichmond arrives at the nest with a faceless jacksmelt, then flies off with it. Returns to nest 0909, where Rosie swipes it and takes it away to finish on her strut perch.J.craigor
19-03-2113:22UnknownRichmondRichmond flies in with half a fish, hard to ID. A very excited Rosie snatches it away and takes it to her strut perch.ishwishcraigor
19-03-2115:46JacksmeltRichmondRichmond to the nest with a whole fish, which Rosie promptly takes away.alicraigor
19-03-2116:16OtherRichmondRichmond spotted bringing fish to boom 4 minutes after leaving the nest. Fish brought to nest 1643, Flat fish with no bars, dark spotted on top and light underneath, tail not like halibut, possible turbot or sole. Rosie departs with it. Judicraigor
19-03-2118:04JacksmeltRichmondRichmond flies in to the cable, carrying a new jacksmelt. Eats it all himself while Rosie returns to the lower cable to finish off the last of her flat fish.craigorcraigor
19-03-2209:40JacksmeltRichmondRosie comes to the nest, followed by a stranger Osprey who begins mantling on the nest. Richmond brings a headless jacksmelt and Rosie takes it to the strut perch while Richmond and the stranger stay on the nest.karencraigor
19-03-2217:44JacksmeltRichmondRichmond reported coming to the boom with a fish. Truncated and delivered to the nest 1829.ishwishcraigor
19-03-2307:20JacksmeltRichmondRichmond brings a whole fish to the nest. Rosie arrives, Richmond takes fish away for processing. Fish returned to nest 0743, and Rosie takes it away.J.craigor
19-03-2310:03JacksmeltRichmondFish brought to cable, then down to nest, where Rosie waits, a minute later. Richmond mantles but does not hand over the fish. Both Ospreys leave the nest. Richmond returns with the fish 1015, Rosie up on the cable. Richmond leaves again three minutes later, Rosie still watching from the cable.Cindycraigor
19-03-2315:46Bass-StripedRichmondRichmond brings fish to nest. Probable striper. Snatched up and taken away by Rosie. J.craigor
19-03-2407:13JacksmeltRichmondRichmond arrives on the cable with a fresh fish and proceeds to remove the face. Brought to nest 0732 and taken away by Rosie.J.craigor
19-03-2409:45Starry FlounderRichmondRichmond arrives at the nest with a fish, shows it to Rosie, then leaves again with the fish.SaMocraigor
19-03-2416:16JacksmeltRichmondRichmond spotted flying to top of boom with a fish. Fish brought to nest 1630 and Rosie takes it away.DianneAcraigor
19-03-2417:21JacksmeltRichmondRichmond hovers over the nest with a big fish, showing it to Rosie, then flies off with it. Returns to nest with the leftovers 1741.ishwishcraigor
19-03-2508:51OtherRichmondRichmond flies in to boom cable with an unknown flat fish. Brought to nest and taken away by Rosie 0902 and eaten on the strut perch. No visible bands, probably not Starry Flounder. Rosie brings the dregs back to the rail 0915 and finishes them there.Judicraigor
19-03-2513:03UnknownRichmondRichmond appears with a small fish remnant, ID unknown. Rosie takes it away to her perch, then returns to finish it off on the rail near the nest.alicraigor
19-03-2607:47JacksmeltRichmondRIchmond brings a whole jacksmelt to the nest, Rosie takes it away to her strut perch to eat.ishwishcraigor
19-03-2608:34JacksmeltRichmondRIchmond with a fresh jacksmelt on the cable.Katcraigor
19-03-2614:23JacksmeltRichmondRichmond descends from the boom to the nest bearing the tail end of a small jacksmelt and Rosie takes it away.Carolecraigor
19-03-2617:22JacksmeltRichmondRichmond on the boom cable with a big jacksmelt. Remainder brought to the nest 1751 and Rosie quickly takes it away.Cindycraigor
19-03-2708:36Man Made ObjectsRichmondRichmond brings some trash, plastic or paper, white and red.Robincraigor
19-03-2711:40JacksmeltRichmondRichmond brings part of a small slender jacksmelt to the nest and Rosie takes it away to finish on the cable.calgalcraigor
19-03-2712:25JacksmeltRichmondRichmond arrives with a tiny whole jacksmelt and Rosie flies it out to her strut perch to enjoy it.Katcraigor
19-03-2717:45Bass-StripedRichmondRichmond brings a headless striper to the nest and Rosie flies off with it.alicraigor
19-03-2719:32Man Made ObjectsRichmondRichmond brings a small red plastic fragment to the nest.Robincraigor
19-03-2811:52Surf PerchRichmondDark grey flattish fish, possible Black Perch, brought headless to the nest by Richmond and removed to the rail by Rosie.Judicraigor
19-03-2815:16Man Made ObjectsRichmondSmall bundle of wire or stiff twine embedded in a clump of weeds.Robincraigor
19-03-2819:01JacksmeltRichmondRichmond brings a tiny scrap of fish tail to the nest, taken away by Rosie a minute or two later.J.craigor
19-03-2909:06JacksmeltRichmondRichmond brings half a plump fish. Rosie removes it quickly.J.craigor
19-03-2913:24JacksmeltRichmondRichmond comes to the cable with a fish and begins face removal, comes to the nest at 1342 and hands the faceless fish off to Rosie.Cindycraigor
19-03-2917:24JacksmeltRichmondHalf fish delivered to nest, quickly taken away by Rosie.SaMocraigor
19-03-2918:20Man Made ObjectsRichmondRichmond drops a red stick resembling a plastic drinking straw on the nest. Buried under nest material on 4/9. calgalcraigor
19-03-3009:14JacksmeltRichmondHeadless fish brought to nest and removed by Rosie. Fish gone and Rosie back on nest by 0929.SaMocraigor
19-03-3015:47JacksmeltRichmondRichmond flies a whole fish on and off the nest then returns it headless to Rosie at 1607, she takes it to cable to eat.Judicraigor
19-03-3017:25JacksmeltRichmondRishmond brings a headless fish to the nest, removed to cable by Rosie.chagincraigor
19-03-3018:55UnknownRichmondFish-like parcel delivered to the nest and Rosie takes it away.DianneAcraigor
19-03-3107:34JacksmeltRichmondRichmond brings a fish to the cable. Comes down to the nest at 0754 with no fish. Did he eat the whole thing?katydiditcraigor
19-03-3114:07JacksmeltRichmondRichmond comes to the cable with a fish. Remains brought to nest at 1437 and taken away by Rosie.radchickcraigor
19-03-3116:07Man Made ObjectsRichmondCrumpled piece of trash brought to the nest by RIchmond minutes before Rosie lays her first egg.Robincraigor
19-03-3117:18Man Made ObjectsRichmondRichmond comes to the nest with a large clump of matted dried vegetation resembling a loofah. After a day spent in the nest, the object is revealed to contain pieces of wicker chair/basket caning.Cindycraigor
19-03-3118:23JacksmeltRichmondRichmond spotted on cable eating a fish. Brought to the nest 1845, but Rosie is more interested in her new egg, so Richmond leaves with the fish scrap.Judicraigor
19-04-0108:12JacksmeltRichmondRichmond brings a headless fish to the nest, taken away very quickly by Rosie as Richmond assumes her position atop the egg.calgalcraigor
19-04-0112:28Man Made ObjectsRichmondRichmond brings a few feet of sturdy rope to the nest along with a cluster of twigs and a small blue ball.Judicraigor
19-04-0114:32Bass-StripedRichmondRichmond brings a striped bass to the nest, taken away by Rosie as Richmond takes over on the egg.C.craigor
19-04-0119:32JacksmeltRichmondFish reported earlier on ROV cable brought to the nest, removed by Rosie as Richmond resumes nest duty.Midicraigor
19-04-0208:45JacksmeltRichmondFaceless jacksmelt to the nest. Rosie takes her breakfish away and Richmond settles on the nest.C.craigor
19-04-0214:58Man Made ObjectsRichmondRichmond brings a brown and orange stuffed monkey to the nest.Andycraigor
19-04-0215:47JacksmeltRichmondRichmond brings a faceless jacksmelt, removed by Rosie. Richmond resumes egg-sitting duties.Judicraigor
19-04-0216:54JacksmeltRichmondRichmond spied on the cable chewing a fish. Brought to nest 1711 and taken away by Rosie.DianneAcraigor
19-04-0218:49JacksmeltRichmondRIchmond brings the tail end of a jacksmelt and gives it to Rosie, taking over the nest duties.thoracraigor
19-04-0308:30JacksmeltRichmondRichmond on the cable with a fish. Brought to nest 0836.chagincraigor
19-04-0316:18JacksmeltRichmondRichmond on the boom defacing a fish. Brought to nest sans face 1625 and removed by Rosie.alicraigor
19-04-0412:03JacksmeltRichmondHeadless fish delivery to the nest and nest exchange. Rosie removes the fish to her strut perch and finishes it quickly.GailMaccraigor
19-04-0415:44Man Made ObjectsRichmondRichmond brings a stick along with a washcloth-sized piece of dark blue fabric.C.craigor
19-04-0416:36JacksmeltRichmondAnother headless jacksmelt brought and taken by Rosie.SaMocraigor
19-04-0417:37JacksmeltRichmondRichmond on cable with a fish. Brought to nest 1744.chagincraigor
19-04-0512:03JacksmeltRichmondRichmond brings a fish to the cable. Handed off to Rosie at the nest 1213.SaMocraigor
19-04-0517:24JacksmeltRichmondRichmond to the cable with a fish. To nest 1734.chagincraigor