05-19-185:30 PMJacksmeltRichmondBrought to the nest intact - not yellow spot on gilljudiTBduplicate of my earlier entry, so I deleted mine. --cgYours didn't show up on the site when I added. There seems to be a delay with edits??
05-19-187:22 AMBass -StripedRichmondBrought to nest nearly whole. Rosie feeds the chicks. Removed, returned to nest then taken away to the boom cable by Richmond 0751. Back to nest 0818, more family feeding.GailMaccraigor
05-19-1810:50 AMBass -StripedRichmondRichmond spotted on boom with fish. Brought to nest 11:03 without face.DianneAcraigor
05-19-183:35 PMOTHERUnsureRed plastic ribbon similar to the one from last week spotted on nest 1535Katcraigor
05-18-186:29 AMBass -StripedRichmondStriped bass brought to cable by RIchmond, then brought to nest, faceless, at 0636. Chicks fed, fish removed by RIchmond 0649, then apparently lost. RIchmond visible on boom cable without fish 0652.Loricraigor
05-18-188:23 AMBass -StripedRichmondBrought whole to nest. Rosie feeds the chicksGailMaccraigor
05-18-183:29 PMBass -StripedRichmondBrought to nest briefly ca 1529 taken away to boom cable. Back to nest 1606 with face removed, chicks are fedMoophcraigor
05-17-188:41 AMBass -StripedRichmondBig headless striper brought to nest. Rosie feeds the chicks. Fish stays on the nest for periodic feedings and adult snacks through the morning and early afternoon. Remaining end finally taken away by Richmond 1408 ... then brought back 1444GailMaccraigor
05-17-184:43 PMBass -StripedRichmondFresh intact striper brought to nest for just a moment, then taken away to boom cable. Back to nest 1652 after partial face removal, Rosie feeds the chicks. Previous fish tail still on the nest.Katcraigor
05-16-187:01 AMBass -StripedRichmondBrought to nest 0701 nearly whole, Richmond removes face while on the nest then Rosie commences feeding. Fish removed 0740, back at 0805. Chicks feeding at 0830 FIsh taken away again, then returned to nest ca 0935 for feedingGailMaccraigor
05-16-181:35 PMBass -StripedRichmonddelivered to nest ca 1335, looks split open but head still on. Taken away, then returned to nest about 1448 for feeding, chicks fed again 1556. JanAcraigor
05-16-184:37 PMBass -StripedRichmondHead removed, but otherwise complete, this must be a new one left at the nest 1637. Feeding chicks at 1716, again at 1800.JanAcraigor
05-16-187:22 PMBass -StripedRichmondStriper with no face brought to nest. Feeding ensues. Richmond leaves with fish 1934. Back to nest by 2025, chicks fed. Tail end brought back (or uncovered) 0556 on 05-17, the next morning. Richmond feeds Rosie again 0559, chicks also fed.DianneAcraigor
05-15-186:28 AMBass -StripedRichmondBrought to nest intact, then taken away immediately to boom cable. Brought back to nest sans head 0645. Everyone fed, fish removed by Richmond at 0654. Richmond brings back tail end at 0747radchickcraigor
05-15-181:43 PMBass -StripedRichmondStriped bass brought to nest, taken away immediately, then brought back headless 1351, another richie-feeds-rosie moment at 1404 chicks being fed at 1408 fish leaves, returns 1516 richie feeds rosie again 1517 fish left on nest chicks feeding again at 1550Katcraigor
05-15-184:52 PMBass -StripedRichmondBrought to nest 1652 very bloody, head partly eaten Chicks feeding at 1752 and 1844 remnant taken away by Richmond 1915 chicks feeding again 1933 just the tail end left at 1938Judicraigor
05-15-187:39 PMOTHERRichmondRed plastic caution tape-type streamer brought to nest. Removed by Rosie ca 1356 on May 16GailMaccraigor
05-14-186:16 AMBass -StripedRichmondbrought to nest whole at 0616 taken away by richmond--for head removal? back to nest at 0636 then quickly removed again to boom cable at 0638. Back to nest, headless, breakfast for all at 0705.thoracraigor
05-14-1811:19 AMBass -StripedRichmondnearly intact on arrival at nest. head removed at nest. chicks fed, richie away with fish at 1130calgalcraigor
05-14-183:49 PMBass -StripedRichmondArrival at nest 1549, mostly intact large striper. Rosie and the kids eat. Taken away to cable by Richmond, then back to nest for more family feeding at 1702Loricraigor
05-14-187:03 PMJacksmeltRichmondBrought to nest nearly intact, delivery interrupted by intruder, Mom feeds kids from remains of previous fish, new fish left on nest while RIchmond runs off the unwelcome guest. Still on the nest at 1958, when Rosie gets up to feed the chicks.JanAcraigor
05-13-186:35 AMJacksmeltRichmondSpotted on cable via ATN 0635, brought to nest 0637. Three chicks fed, fish taken away by RIchmond about 0650. Robincraigor
05-13-187:43 AMJacksmeltRichmondBrought to nest, headless. Seems to be, already, the 2nd jacksmelt of the day. Taken away by RIchmond 0819 back to nest 0848GailMaccraigor
05-13-1811:12 AMBass -StripedRichmondRichie brought whole Striper to the nest. Stayed while Rosie fed the kids (mostly). Then repo'd.1/2 striper returned to nest @ 1247KatCM
05-13-184:13 PMBass -StripedRichmondAnother whole striper brought to the nest by Richmond, who immediately took it away to the boom cable. Back to nest, headless, 1632, for big family feed. Back 1745 (no takers) and again 1812 for another snack for chicksKatcraigor
05-12-188:18 AMBass -StripedRichmondBrought to nest mostly intact, taken away, then back to nest, last remnant taken away by Richmond at 1149DianneAcraigor
05-12-183:41 PMJacksmeltRichmondBrought to nest about ten minutes before third chick hatchedjudicraigor
05-11-186:27 PMJacksmeltRichmondPartially eaten coming to nest. Rosie fed nestlings, self. Finished fish before before brooding.SailMonkeyTB/craigor
05-11-187:19 AMBass -StripedRichmondSpotted on boom cable 0719 nest arrival 0735; Rosie n chicks had it until 0830 when Richie repo'd itthoracraigor
05-11-183:42 PMBass -StripedRichmondBrought to nest by Richmond Large striper with no face. Taken away by RIchie, then back to nest 1703, to feed the family.GailMaccraigor
05-10-188:14 AMBass -StripedRichmondHeadless Striper brought to nest by Richie. Both parents present as Rosie began to feed 1st chickGailMacCM
05-10-182:28 PMBass -StripedRichmondRichmond spotted on boom with fish, fish brought to nest 1431Katcraigor
05-10-186:29 PMBass -StripedRichmondbrought to nest to feed the now TWO chicks and Rosie waiting for itKatcraigor
05-09-182:32 PMBass -StripedRichmondPhotographed on boom cable by DianneA on-site 1432. Brought to nest 1529. Baby's first feeding!DianneAcraigor
05-09-185:09 PMBass -StripedRichmondRear half only brought to nest by Richmond. Possible this is the same as the earlier fish, but it's a pretty big piece.Laura Henrycraigor
05-09-187:37 PMOTHERRichmondRed-orange-tan scrap of rag or bag, darkened as if wet or oilyJudicraigor
05-08-188:10 PMOTHERRichmondBrought to boom 2010 per ATN. Species ID unknown. Brought to nest briefly 2039 (to entice Rosie from the eggs?) Rosie took one bite, then RIchie left again with the fish. Judicraigor
05-07-189:23 AMBass -StripedRichmondBrought to nest by Richmond and taken away by Rosie to her strut perchKatcraigor
05-07-187:03 PMJacksmeltRichmondbrought to nest by Richmond and taken away by Rosie very quicklyMidi by deferral for the quick capcraigor
05-06-187:16 AMOTHERRichmondremnant of a bird carcass brought as nest lining material at 716am by RichmondCindycraigor
05-06-189:49 AMBass -StripedRichmondfish was already headless and bloody upon arrivalSailMonkeycraigor
05-06-185:09 PMJacksmeltRosieback end of fish only, initially obscured by delivery, observers split on ID, CIndy says Jacksmelt Katcraigor
05-06-185:50 PMBass -StripedRichmondwhole fish brought to boom by RichmondJ.craigor
05-05-186:02 PMBass -StripedRosieRosie spotted on ROV cable with fish via ATN 1802 fish brought to nest 1817 then taken to boom by Richmond 1828DianneAcraigor
05-05-188:13 PMOTHERRichmondpartial fish (but bigger than remnant seen earlier). Not ID'ed to speciescalgalCM
05-04-1810:36 AMBass -StripedRichmondBrought to cable 1036, then to nest for ID 1226. From 1156 to 1206, Richmond was spotted chasing off an intruder while still carrying the fish. Fish taken away by Rosie 1237. Back to nest again at 1317, 1417, and 1456!SailMonkeycraigor
05-03-1810:49 AMBass -StripedRichmondBrought to cable to eat a bit, then to Rosie in the nest, who flew off with itJudiTB
05-03-185:48 PMBass -StripedRichmondSpotted on cable 1748, brought to nest for ID 1809Katcraigor
05-02-188:01 AMJacksmeltRichmondRichmond brought whole fish to nest for Rosie who took it off cameraCindyCM
05-02-183:24 PMBass -StripedRichmondSpotted flying by at 1524, brought to nest by Richmond, half-eaten, at 1628calgalcraigor
05-01-188:54 AMBass -StripedRichmondbrought to boom by Richmond 0854, then to nest for ID at 0942Katcraigor
05-01-185:30 PMBass -StripedRosieBrought to nest by Rosie at 1730, taken away by RichmondJudicraigor
04-30-182:23 PMBass-StripedRosieHefty Striper caught by Rosie and taken to the strut; shared back and forth b/w Rosie n Richmond rest of afternoonCindycraigor
04-29-186:07 PMOTHERRichmondspotted on boom, fish mostly gone, unable to IDKatcraigor
04-29-181:49 PMBass-StripedRosieto boom, brought to nest and ID'd 1420--richmond would rather stay on the eggs!Katcraigor
04-29-1810:38 AMBass-StripedRichmond brought to nest sans face and taken away by rosie 1038JanAcraigor
04-28-185:04 PMBass-StripedRichmondTB
04-28-183:36 PMBass-StripedRichmondRichie gave headless Striper to Rosie at 1535, she took it to the strut to eat and brought it back at 1620JudiCM
04-22-184:31 PMBass-StripedRichmondCM
04-22-189:04 AMJacksmeltRichmondCM
04-21-184:50 PMBass-StripedRichmondCM
04-21-1812:58 PMJacksmeltRosieCM
04-20-185:46 PMBass-StripedRichmondCM
04-20-185:35 PMBass-StripedRichmondCrowTB
04-20-1810:06 AMJacksmeltRichmondCrowTB
04-19-189:03 AMJacksmeltRichmondCM
04-19-189:02 AMOTHERRichmondNo bands in fins, thus not Starry FlounderMidiTB
04-18-187:04 PMJacksmeltRichmondAte entire fishCrowTB
04-17-186:12 PMStarry FlounderRichmondBrought to cable, then to nestSailMonkeyTB
04-17-185:01 PMOTHERRichmondLong view, no IDTB
04-17-1810:46 AMBass-StripedRichmondTB
04-16-186:45 PMJacksmeltRichmondTB
04-16-185:14 PMOTHERRosieRosie flew in from Marina Bay direction with fishTB
04-16-183:47 PMOTHERRichmondProbably Jacksmelt. Ate entire fishSailMonkeyTB
04-15-186:34 PMJacksmeltRichmondCrowTB
04-15-184:03 PMOTHERRichmondOnly very end piece. Deeply forked tailfin like Jacksmelt, no stripesTB
04-10-183:34 PMJacksmeltRichmondtraded fish back and forth after each Osprey fed on itCM
04-10-184:40 PMOTHERRichmondCould be Striped Bass or JacksmeltJanATB
04-10-181:34 PMJacksmeltRichmondKatTB
04-09-181:14 PMOTHERRichmondFlatfish-May have indentations in tailfin of CA HalibutKatTB
04-08-185:29 PMJacksmeltRichmondCrowTB
04-08-1810:33 AMOTHERRichmondLack of prominent bands in fins, thus not Starry Flounder. Possibly indentations in tailfin for CA HalibutKatTB
04-07-186:36 PMJacksmeltRichmondBrought small remnant to Rosie on nestTB
04-07-185:18 PMJacksmeltRosieAte entire fishTB
04-05-187:07 PMJacksmeltRichmondMidiTB
04-05-185:17 PMJacksmeltRichmondCM
04-05-1811:15 AMStarry FlounderRichmondCM
04-05-1810:41 AMStarry FlounderRichmondProminent bands in fins. Richmond ate entire fish.SailMonkeyTB
04-04-184:54 PMJacksmeltRichmondBrought to nest @17:03 to warn off interloper. Returned to crane w/fish. Exchange @17:15KatTB
04-04-189:18 AMJacksmeltRichmondSailMonkeyTB
04-03-185:47 PMBass-StripedRichmondCM
04-03-185:45 PMJacksmeltRichmondTook to nest, Rosie not interestedKatTB
04-03-184:11 PMJacksmeltRichmondSailMonkeyTB
04-02-186:05 PMJacksmeltRichmondKatTB
04-02-189:51 AMBass-StripedRichmondKatTB
04-01-1812:00 AMJacksmeltRichmondCM
04-01-185:38 PMBass-StripedRichmondKatTB
04-01-1812:00 PMJacksmeltRichmondTB
03-31-186:44 PMJacksmeltRichmondCM
03-31-184:11 PMBass-StripedRichmondKatTB
03-31-187:21 AMJacksmeltRichmondCraigorTB
03-29-1811:39 AMOTHERRichmondRemnant mantle of likely sub-adult gull brought to nest as lining material by RichmondCindyCM
03-28-186:14 PMOTHERRichmondLikely Plainfin Midshipman. Not on our list, but very interestingTony\TB
03-17-189:10 AMJacksmeltRichmondTB
03-16-181:29 PMJacksmeltRichmondTB
03-16-1810:06 AMJacksmeltRichmondBrought to nest intact. Transfer with some difficultyTB
03-15-1812:46 PMBass-StripedRichmondTB
03-14-183:27 PMJacksmeltRichmondTB
03-14-182:24 PMOTHERRichmondFlatfish-Not Starry Flounder or CA Halibut due to lack of bands, tail shapeTB
03-14-189:37 AMJacksmeltRichmondTB
03-13-181:28 PMJacksmeltRichmondTB
03-12-183:43 PMJacksmeltRichmondTB
03-12-181:01 PMJacksmeltRichmondTB
03-12-1811:53 AMJacksmeltRichmondTB
03-12-188:54 AMJacksmeltRichmondTB
03-11-184:36 PMSurf PerchRosieTB
03-11-183:38 PMJacksmeltRichmondTB
03-11-182:37 PMJacksmeltRichmondTB
03-11-1810:32 AMJacksmeltRichmondSomehow caught it in dense fog, only gone 2 min!TB
03-10-182:06 PMJacksmeltRichmondTB
03-10-1812:25 PMJacksmeltRichmondParticularly large. Took it to sheave "nest" to eat.TB
03-10-1810:04 AMJacksmeltRichmondBrought intact to nestTB
03-10-188:54 AMJacksmeltRichmondTB
03-09-181:25 PMSurf PerchRichmondTB
03-09-188:59 AMOTHERRichmondProbably JacksmeltTB
03-08-184:44 PMBass-StripedRichmondTB
03-08-181:07 PMSurf PerchRichmondMaybe Black PerchTB
03-08-1810:07 AMBass-StripedRichmondTB
03-08-187:52 AMJacksmeltRichmondTB
03-07-189:21 AMJacksmeltRichmondTB
03-06-1810:29 AMSurf PerchRichmondPossibly Barred SurfperchTB
03-06-189:02 AMJacksmeltRichmondTB
05-19-182:20 PMBass -StripedRichmondSpotted on boom cable, then brought to nest headlessKatcraigor
05-20-187:20 AMBass -StripedRichmondBrought to nest without face 0720Loricraigor